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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Linda Wehrenpfennig, Germany 2017-07-20 10:30:37

Although I just started learning Portuguese and have spent only one week at Portuguese Connection, they made me feel like a little part of charming Lisbon. I learned enough to have small, simple conversations in restaurants, on the street, etc.... Special thanks to my teacher Isabel for her affords to teach as much as possible in one week and giving us all the insider tips around Lisbon! The team of Portuguese Connection works with passion and knows every single student, no matter how long he stays. They even prepared a birthday surprise for one student. I can recommend the school if you not only want to improve language skills but also want to enjoy the welcoming, Portuguese culture!

Jana Gonsalves, USA 2017-07-15 20:25:12

I spent a week at PC in June and am so happy I did. My only regret is that I could not stay to study longer. The approach used is great for quick learning of a language. I have a background in French and Spanish (not fluent). The instructor (Isabel) was perfect for my learning style. I was in a beginning class and there was only one other student learning with me. It was almost like a one-on-one experience. I had private one hour classes in the afternoons that helped me to work on my personal interests. I can not think of one criticism. Joana, Marco, and Annalisa were extremely helpful, friendly, and welcoming. I will definitely return to study again. In the meantime, I will be working with PC in their online classes. By the way, I am a 50+ year old American and felt very much at ease with PC and the entire staff. The other students were great also. LOVE Portuguese Connection and can't wait to come back. Até o próximo ano!

Cornelia, Germany 2017-06-20 15:09:25

Ich habe zwei Kurse (einen Intensiv und einen Extensiv Course) bei Portuguese Connection gemacht. Ich fand beide wirklich toll und kann die Sprachschule nur weiterempfehlen. Auf meinem Weg zum Flughafen nach fünf Monaten in Lissabon hatte ich mich mit dem Taxifahrer auf Portugiesisch unterhalten und er fragte mich, wie lange ich denn die Sprache schon lerne. Als ich ihm antwortete meinte er, ich solle doch noch fünf Monate bleiben, dann wäre ich bestimmt fließend! (Kleine Notiz am Rande für all jene, die sich gerade denken auch in fünf Monaten könne man fließend werden - ich bin extrem schlecht mit Sprachen und wäre ohne Portuguese Connection nicht einmal so weit gekommen.) Außerdem sind alle Mitarbeiter extrem freundlich! Ich musste für meine Bachelorarbeit einen Fragebogen auf Portugiesisch übersetzen und Joana hat sich extra die Zeit genommen um mir damit zu helfen.

Vance Humphrey, USA 2017-06-16 13:36:31

These last four weeks were truly special. Great teachers, beautiful school, and a mascot dog, too! Go for it. You will learn. You will laugh. You will love it.

Alex Trias, USA 2017-06-07 08:15:53

My wife and I moved to Lisbon almost two years ago. At the time, we spoke no Portuguese whatsoever, and did not know anyone in Portugal. We started lessons at Portuguese Connection shortly after we arrived, and enjoy the experience so much that we have continued taking classes there every week and plan to continue doing so. The teaching quality is on par with Columbia University and Yale Law School, where my wife and I studied. Not only are the teachers highly qualified linguistics experts, but each teacher who we have studied with is an innately gifted educator. In our experience, the teachers are extremely passionate about instructing students, and genuinely care about their student's success - both in the Portuguese language AND outside of the classroom as well. The staff are constantly asking students how their experience in Lisbon is going, and offer invaluable advice - whether the student is just staying for a short visit in Lisbon, or looking to live here full time. For us, Portuguese Connection is far more than just a place to take language lessons. It's a real cornerstone of our experience living in Portugal. We've made close friends with other students at the school who feel exactly the same way as we do. For anyone who is looking to come to Lisbon and who wants a very in-depth experience learning about Portuguese language and culture, Portuguese Connection is a true gem.

Pia Otte, Norway 2017-05-29 13:11:47

I did a one week intensive language course at Portuguese Connection and it was one of the best language courses ever! I have taken several language courses in different languages but this one was definitely my favourite. I like that the groups are small and thus allow for a very intensive course. Portuguese is not an easy language to learn but I was impressed by the fact how our teacher Carla could always explain us the grammar/rules for things we were uncertain about. The atmosphere in general is very positive and cheerful with coffee and cookies, free wifi and a study room as well. The location is also great! Very central with nice coffee and lunch places in the area. We lived in Bairro Alto, which was walking distance to the school. I hope I can come back next year again to take a second course to improve my Portuguese further. Muito obrigada!!

Chang-Yu Hou, China 2017-05-19 12:46:28

四月中復活節假期到里斯本玩了一個禮拜。因為之後還打算協同家人再重遊, 所以報了葡萄牙語課消磨一點時間。上了第一堂課之後, 我十分慶幸將了Portuguese Connection納入我的行程中。儘管我只待了一個禮拜, 語言學校所有的工作人員都對我十分熱情, 讓我的假期添了一絲里斯本特有的人情味。所有的老師都具教學實力, 且因為是小班制, 老師能徹底顧及每位學生。希望能早日再到里斯本上葡萄牙語課

Colin Dun, Australia 2017-05-17 10:14:20

At the age of 58 I relocated to Lisbon and commenced a 3 week intensive course with Portuguese Connection. Although previously I'd had some success in learning German and French, I found the course really tough. European Portuguese is not an easy language for English-speaking people to learn, the grammar is difficult and the pronunciation is also a challenge. But thanks to the best language teaching I'd ever experienced, by the end of the course I could already start to communicate. Now, after an additional year of private tuition with one of their top notch teachers, I'm really starting to feel comfortable with the language. In addition, Portuguese Connection has offered me so much more than just the language. Joana, Marco, Annalisa and Maggie have, through their kindness and support, enabled me to really feel a part of Lisbon from the very first week. They have gone out of their way to encourage me on my shaky path towards proficiency in Portuguese, to advise on the many problems that one inevitably has when moving to a new country and to help connect me with other students who have subsequently become great friends. I can't recommend Portuguese Connection highly enough!!!

Georgiana (Gigi) Gallagher, USA 2017-05-15 18:58:53

I had wanted to learn Portuguese for some time and really wanted to do it in Portugal. When I was finally ready to take the plunge, I started looking for a school. I talked to someone who took just one week of combined classes at Portuguese Connection and he was really impressed, so I made contact. The entire team at Portuguese Connection is so professional and Annalisa responded immediately, gave me all the information I needed and answered any questions I had. Marco helped me locate an apartment to rent less than a 5-minute walk from the school, which is really is in a fantastic location. I loved spending time across the street in the park and ate my lunch there often. Marco and Joana have assembled a fantastic team, all of the instructors are very well prepared and constantly communicate with one another about each student’s progress and needs. I originally signed up for 4 weeks of combined classes and then added another two. I had group classes until 1pm and then one hour individual classes in the afternoon. The group class teachers rotated so I think I worked with all of the teachers except maybe two. This was good because you heard different people speaking from different parts of the country. They do a great job of always using Portuguese and encouraging all students to speak as much as possible. The individual classes cover whatever is needed, customized for each student. Again, all the teachers in the school display very impressive skills. But of course it isn’t just about the classes and school. Your whole experience is important to this group. They will assist with all kinds of issues. Annalisa is a jack-of-all-trades. Ask her about anything, if she doesn’t know, but she probably does, she will find out. She knows Lisbon better than the natives. Her weekly tours are fantastic, fun and informative, and it is another chance to practice your Portuguese. After my classes ended, I wanted to plan a two-week road trip and cover as much of Portugal as possible. These guys were fantastic. Each person added to list of things to see, places to stop, best spots to eat the best foods and pastries across the country. Thank you Susana, Silvia, Annalisa, Joana and Marco. They were my travel planning team. From the time I arrived and now I have been here for more than two and a half months, these people have made me feel special and part of the family, because yes, they are like a family. They can make you feel that way too. No matter your age, country of origin, or language level, they can make your stay in Portugal so much more than just learning the language. Give it a go, you won’t be sorry. And don’t forget to give Maggie a pat on the head and a scratch on the belly if you see here at school. She is the cutest thing ever and loves all of the students at Portuguese Connection.

Antonino Castaldo, Italy 2017-05-15 04:31:44

Ciao a tutti, di questa scuola non posso che parlar bene, ho fatto tre corsi raggiungendo il livello A2 e il mio portoghese, con la Professora Joana, che è anche la vulcanica direttrice della scuola, e la Professora Susana, altro ottimo elemento, il mio portoghese è migliorato giorno dopo giorno. La cosa che mi ha fatto più affezionare a questa scuola è l'ambiente giovane e dinamico, e la confidenza che sei da subito in grado di instaurare con lo staff. Che siate qui per qualche mese o per più tempo, portuguese connection è il miglior modo per imparare il portoghese a Lisbona. Buon portoghese a tutti!! Ps: il rapporto qualità-prezzo è imbattibile ;)