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Portuguese Cultural Activities - Lisbon

Some Portuguese Culture while you learn the Portuguese Language

At Portuguese Connection we honestly believe that learning Portuguese is not all about grammar books and written exercises in a classroom. You must go outside and experience the language in a real context.

It is extremely important to understand how the Portuguese people speak in the streets, to know their traditions and life style, and, of course, their history. Lisbon, known as "the town of seven hills" offers you a wide range of interesting things to do. That’s why we frequently plan tours in the city. This is a really good opportunity for you to eat, drink, feel and speak like a Portuguese. As we say in Portuguese "Em Roma, sê Romano" ("When in Rome…!"). All the activities are conducted in Portuguese and in English, if necessary.

These free cultural activities are offered once a week and students may need to pay only for their transport and entries. We also organize all day long activities, for those who want to visit the magnificent Sintra, the splendid beaches, the extraordinary Alentejo rural fields, and many other things to do. These services are available with very accessible prices and discounts for our students!