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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Ivan Neirotti, Italy 2019-03-04 04:30:07

Great school where to study Portuguese in a welcoming and friendly environment. Professional staff, with friendly manners and lots of attention for the students. I would say Portuguese Connection is not only an excellent school to learn Portuguese, but also a beautiful place where to enjoy time while staying in Lisbon and getting closer to the Portuguese society.

Amanda Lainson, United Kingdom 2019-02-14 13:09:04

"A lovely way to inject some enthusiasm into your language learning, gave me a good boost from listening to CD'S in the car." I picked this company after looking at another as I got a gut feeling they were trustworthy and professional, and my gut was right..Booking to arrival back home was smooth, and there was never a hitch. The teachers at the school bend over backwards to help us, even chasing down a lost phone left in a taxi. I opted for individual lessons as I only had a week spare, and wanted to cram in as much as possible, If you go on your own like me and have longer I would consider group lessons as I think the social aspect of being with others would have been fun. Having said that the gratis weekly group outing was so nice and you can have a chat with other colleagues at brew time. I also opted to stay with a host family which was great and they were super. I imagined myself listening and maybe learning a bit more but frankly after an intensive day I was relieved my host spoke good English. It is a nice aspect to have the opportunity to stay with a Portuguese family and I was included in a family gathering and didn't have the hassle of billy no mates eating out at night on my own .... but like me if your an adult that's your choice. I had the same teacher all week so she quickly knew my standard of Portuguese (beginner) and helped me enormously, I cannot rate her highly enough.

Emilia Teresa, Poland 2018-11-21 14:16:28

I spent three weeks at school and I really like it. I learned a lot, the classes were interesting, the teachers were very competent and helpful. The atmosphere was very cordial and friendly. I can recommend the Portuguese Connection!

Claus-Dieter König, Germany 2018-11-15 12:47:00

Zum vierten Mal innerhalb von sechs Jahren habe ich zunächst bei Joana Paiva undd dann ihrem Team von Portuguese Connection einen zweiwöchigen Kurs als Bildungsurlaub besucht. Soll ich noch mehr des Lobes schreiben? Denn es wird nicht das letzte Mal gewesen sein. Ich komme wieder, keine Frage. Der Unterricht findet in kleinen Gruppen statt, dazu habe ich 2h Einzelunterricht pro Tag gebucht. Grammatik, Vokabular, Sprechen, Hörverstehen, alle Aspekte werden im ausgewogenen Verhältnis und didaktisch sehr gut unterrichtet. Lissabon als Stadt bleibt ein Juwel, auch wenn vieles moderner und touristischer wird. Und schließlich herrscht eine herzliche Atmosphäre in der Schule. Man fühlt sich gleich dazugehörig. Und das Ergebnis: nun lese ich Romane, höre Radio und all so was in Portugiesisch. Also: top!

Anna, Germany 2018-10-30 08:18:00

I spent 4 weeks with Portuguese Connection and loved it. I've taken classes at other language schools before and this was definitely my favorite one. The team is super nice, the teachers do a great job, classes were always super interesting and also fun. Also, classes are really small, which is amazing. I would definitely recommend taking classes at Portuguese Connection! :)

José Diaz, Switzerland 2018-10-26 12:04:46

Une expérience incroyable ! J'ai passé plus de 3 mois dans cette école et n'en sors lasser. Je pourrai y rester des semaines et mois en plus. L'école est parfaitement située et l'environnement est idéal. Des directeurs, aux professeurs ou assistants, tout le personnel fait en sorte que vous viviez une aventure extra-ordinaire. Au final, vous ferez parti de cette famille. Je conseille également le Summer Course, programme de 2 semaines en été. Il permet aux étudiants de toutes origines, de poursuivre des cours de Portugais, de vivre ensemble dans une résidence étudiante, de visiter Lisbonne à l'aide de locaux et de profiter de moments magiques. En outre, Lisbonne est une ville fantastique. Une ville du sud qui ne vous laissera jamais à bout. La vie nocturne y est également incroyable ;) ! Un grand MERCI à l'école, au personnel et aux étudiants pour cette expérience inoubliable.

Orla Sheehan, Ireland 2018-09-30 10:37:42

I took the Summer Course 2018 and would highly recommend it. As it had been many years since I was in a classroom the welcoming and supportive atmosphere in the School helped greatly with my learning. The teachers use diverse teaching methods and so the classes are varied as well as professionally delivered. Outside the classroom the cultural activities provided opportunities to learn more about the history and culture of Lisbon. And were great fun! Everyone in Portuguese Connection does their best to ensure each student has a positive experience; their commitment is exceptional.

Catherine Thompson, UK 2018-09-20 14:30:43

I highly recommend this language school. I took the Summer Course 2018 and it was absolutely fantastic! The school is run by a passionate team who put their all into the education and well-being of their students. Don't hesitate to book!

Caitlin O'Sullivan, UK 2018-08-21 07:29:27

I studied at Portuguese Connection for one month and had a fantastic time, I would certainly recommend this school to everybody! The class sizes are small, so the content is really targeted to the students and everybody receives 1-on-1 attention. The lessons are set at the pace of the students and the consideration taken to put students in classes where they are most comfortable is very evident. The teachers are all fantastic, and the fact that they change the teacher weekly means you get a more rounded learning experience! The staff were all amazing, and the effort that Joana and Marco make to keep the atmosphere at Portuguese Connection lighthearted, fun and happy is very evident and this also really helped my Portuguese to advance at a faster pace! I also participated in the weekly activities which I would highly recommend as you really get to know parts of Lisbon you would otherwise have no idea about thanks to the insider knowledge of Annalisa, such as a sardine art museum! If given the choice I would not go anywhere else, I highly recommend Portuguese Connection!

Daniela Deken, The Netherlands 2018-08-14 12:48:36

My experience learning Portuguese could not have been better :) I stayed three weeks in June, and I'm so happy I chose this school! We had small classes which made sure everybody got a lot of personal attention, and the teachers made you feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions. The environment in the school was so warm and friendly, it was almost like a family away from home! The school is quite small, which I loved, because then it's easy to get to know most teachers and other students easily. Loved the excursions organized as well, whether it's watching a Portuguese World Championship football game together or exploring a non-touristy neighborhood in Lisbon. Location of the school is super central as well. If I could I would go back immediately :) Will never forget this experience!