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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Kanae Sato, Japan 2019-04-09 13:14:56

自分のレベルに合わせて、日常的な会話から文法や単語までバランス良く教えてもらえます。先生たちもとてもフレンドリーで、困ったときはすぐに助けてくれました。私は英語すらカタコトでしたが、先生たちは私が理解出来るまで何度も説明してくれました。おかげで、前向きに勉強に取り組むことが出来ました。 2週間という短い期間でしたが、ここでの授業は私にとって本当に良い経験でした。また機会があれば、ここで勉強したいと思います!

IRINA KUZNETSOVA, Russia 2019-04-05 11:28:26

I spent 2 weeks in The Portuguese Connection Language School and it was a fantastic experience. I learned a lot. Teachers, friendly and helpful administrative Staff,good orginazation. It is awesome school!

Kasia, Poland 2019-04-02 05:59:22

I chose Portuguese Connection over one other school and the deciding factor was the proximity to my house, but I am so happy I made this decision! I would recommend this place to EVERYONE - not only for the level of education, which was obviously on top, but also for the amazing atmosphere and friendships that can be made there. All the teachers are very well prepared, patient and fun. The content was always interesting and useful. I made great progress over 2 intensive months I was there. 5 stars with clear conscience.

Jadwiga Krzyżaniak, Poland 2019-04-01 09:08:50

dAfter just one week of intensive course combined with individual lessons I feel it is much easier to understand some rules and their exceptions (e.g. usage of the pronouns) which were extremely complicated during my own study without a teacher. There have also been houseworks to do (grammatical excercises and an own creative composition - corrected then by a teacher). I do appreciate the operating ways of Portuguese Connection which are professional and give comfortable space to the students. The location of the school has got additional advantages to be emphasised: in a main commercial street, opposite to the beautiful park where you can rest and close to the fomous viewpoint (Miradouro de S.Pedro de Alcantara). I have also attended a workshop of painting what has been very exciting as I managed to paint my own azulejo panel.

Fulvia Iannotta, Italy 2019-03-21 09:41:18

Amazing school with amazing people! I really believe Portuguese connection is the best school in town! The teachers are super qualified and friendly. I learned a lot here in only few weeks. A good value for money considering that every classes they, offer you coffee, the, cookies and so forth!

Ricardo, Argentina 2019-03-11 04:55:26

I had a fantastic experience at Portuguese Connection. In February 2019 I did an intensive course during 4 weeks (4 hours per day of group lessons in the morning and 1 hour per day of private lessons in the afternoon). I’ve taken language courses in several countries over the years and Portuguese Connection was the best. It was the only language school in Lisbon that replied to my email inquiries immediately (other schools took several weeks to write back). The communication with the staff prior to my trip was exceptional (thanks Lidia, Joana and Marco!). On the first day of classes I loved the warmth with which I was received, a warmth that did not diminish during the 4 weeks of my studies. It took a free online placement test and was placed in the correct language level (a crucial detail that was not taken for granted considering past bad experiences). The teachers rotate every week, helping students familiarize themselves with different accents and idioms of the many parts of Portugal. Depending of the week, in my group class we were between 4 and 6 students - I was told that in the summer classes are a bit more crowded, but classrooms are physically small, thus I assume they could probably fit 8 or 9 students at the most. I was impressed by the coordination, communication, and teamwork between teachers: they all seemed to know each student’s profile, level, interests , and language weaknesses, therefore their teaching was highly efficient and effective. My classes were given by Marília, Gonzalo, Susana and Joana, all superb teachers and delightful people. In sum, big thumbs up for Portuguese Connection, and thanks for helping me improve my Portuguese!

Ivan Neirotti, Italy 2019-03-04 04:30:07

Great school where to study Portuguese in a welcoming and friendly environment. Professional staff, with friendly manners and lots of attention for the students. I would say Portuguese Connection is not only an excellent school to learn Portuguese, but also a beautiful place where to enjoy time while staying in Lisbon and getting closer to the Portuguese society.

Amanda Lainson, United Kingdom 2019-02-14 13:09:04

"A lovely way to inject some enthusiasm into your language learning, gave me a good boost from listening to CD'S in the car." I picked this company after looking at another as I got a gut feeling they were trustworthy and professional, and my gut was right..Booking to arrival back home was smooth, and there was never a hitch. The teachers at the school bend over backwards to help us, even chasing down a lost phone left in a taxi. I opted for individual lessons as I only had a week spare, and wanted to cram in as much as possible, If you go on your own like me and have longer I would consider group lessons as I think the social aspect of being with others would have been fun. Having said that the gratis weekly group outing was so nice and you can have a chat with other colleagues at brew time. I also opted to stay with a host family which was great and they were super. I imagined myself listening and maybe learning a bit more but frankly after an intensive day I was relieved my host spoke good English. It is a nice aspect to have the opportunity to stay with a Portuguese family and I was included in a family gathering and didn't have the hassle of billy no mates eating out at night on my own .... but like me if your an adult that's your choice. I had the same teacher all week so she quickly knew my standard of Portuguese (beginner) and helped me enormously, I cannot rate her highly enough.

Emilia Teresa, Poland 2018-11-21 14:16:28

I spent three weeks at school and I really like it. I learned a lot, the classes were interesting, the teachers were very competent and helpful. The atmosphere was very cordial and friendly. I can recommend the Portuguese Connection!

Claus-Dieter König, Germany 2018-11-15 12:47:00

Zum vierten Mal innerhalb von sechs Jahren habe ich zunächst bei Joana Paiva undd dann ihrem Team von Portuguese Connection einen zweiwöchigen Kurs als Bildungsurlaub besucht. Soll ich noch mehr des Lobes schreiben? Denn es wird nicht das letzte Mal gewesen sein. Ich komme wieder, keine Frage. Der Unterricht findet in kleinen Gruppen statt, dazu habe ich 2h Einzelunterricht pro Tag gebucht. Grammatik, Vokabular, Sprechen, Hörverstehen, alle Aspekte werden im ausgewogenen Verhältnis und didaktisch sehr gut unterrichtet. Lissabon als Stadt bleibt ein Juwel, auch wenn vieles moderner und touristischer wird. Und schließlich herrscht eine herzliche Atmosphäre in der Schule. Man fühlt sich gleich dazugehörig. Und das Ergebnis: nun lese ich Romane, höre Radio und all so was in Portugiesisch. Also: top!