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Special Measures and Promotions during COVID-19

The global pandemic is a huge challenge and we want to do our part! By this we mean that Portuguese Connection School is taking all the safety measures announced by the Health Protection Directorate General of the Portuguese government and following the generally accepted "best practices"! Here is a list of some of those measures:

  • The school has created a specific contingency plan where all these safety rules and best practices are described, which is available for you to review;
  • The school is disinfected every day and there is free disinfectant gel available all the time for the students and staff;
  • Everyone has to maintain social distance and wear a mask, and the school will provide one mask to each student.

These measures and others stated on the contingency plan are meant to protect our health and to fight the virus spread! We want you to feel safe in our school!

covid contingency plan

We know that everyone is affected by the pandemic in many ways, including financial. This is why Portuguese Connection is offering additional special discounts (besides the ones you can find here, on the website). Please contact us to get more information about them.

Now, Portuguese Connection is the best Portuguese school for foreigners in Portugal offering excellent courses at excellent prices prices, in a safe environment!

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