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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Félix Morión Castilla, Spain 2017-10-04 15:21:43

If you ever think of learning Portuguese, this is definitely the best choice! They are excellent professionals very committed with the progress of their students, tracking the evolution of each of them and adapting the lessons to their needs. The groups are organized in small groups, which makes the learning process easier and faster. The atmosphere is just fantastic, you'll learn in a very friendly environment and will have the chance to participate in extra activities such city tours, visits to the surroundings of Lisbon and surf. I had no idea of Portuguese when I arrived and after a 3-week intensive course with them I'm currently fluent at Portuguese, in my opinion that just says it all. Therefore I strongly recommend this course not only because of the huge progress you'll experience, but also because you'll really enjoy it.

Gisela, Germany 2017-09-25 17:21:58

Ich wollte nach einer langen Lernpause meine Kenntnisse auffrischen und erweitern. Dies war mein erster Sprachkurs im Ausland (18.-22.09.17), inkl. Unterkunft bei einer Gastfamilie. Ich bin 65 Jahre und ich war mir nicht sicher, ob ich wirklich in eine Schule mit meist wesentlich jüngeren Mitschülern passe. Aber schon am ersten Tag war klar, das war überhaupt kein Problem. Die Lehrer sind sehr gut und stellen sich mit viel Geduld und Humor auf jeden Schüler perfekt ein. Die Atmosphäre ist insgesamt sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und immer motivierend. Die Schule liegt super zentral und es werden nachmittags auch Ausflüge je nach Wunsch vermittelt. Ich kann diese Schule inkl. der perfekten Vermittlung durch Simone Reich von Language International in Berlin nur empfehlen. Meine Unterkunft in der Gastfamilie war ebenfalls perfekt. Insgesamt eine Erfahrung, die man unbedingt wiederholen sollte.

Valeria, Russia 2017-09-11 05:30:32

I spent two wonderful months (July and August 2017) in Portuguese Connection and i can't remember a single day, when i didn't want to go classes. I found the school by chance, as i was planning to go to Portugal this summer and i just asked myself «What don't i study portuguese?». Immediately after making this question to myself, i started searching for a course in internet and i found Portuguese Connection. After reading comments and reviews left by former students, i made up my mind: i was definitely going to this school. The staff was very friendly and helpful, every time i asked something about lessons or accomodation, so i was really looking forward for coming. And, my expectations were the right ones: the school turned out to be absolutely wondeful. I strongly believe that, when people work with so much dedication and love, you can easily feel it. And it was all about the school. The staff (Joana, Marco e Annalisa) are those people who care about each student who comes to the school, who try to do their best in order to provide everything you need (even if sometimes it doesn't refer to studying process) and make you feel at home. All teachers are very friendly and positive as well, each one has her/his own approach for teaching you, some of them are excellent at explaining grammar, some of them dedicate more time to talking, but all of them perfectly know how to teach and try to make the lessons interesting. And of course, i can't help mentioning a very special member of the team – a dog Maggie, who keeps an eye on students and creates a cosy home atmosfere with her presence. I also think that this school attracts very special people and that is one more reason to choose it, if you are searching for new friendships or just want to meet people from all over the world who can share your way of thinking. So, if after reading this review of mine, you are still in doubt, please, stop hesitating: you already found the place, where you will have an unforgettable experience.

Dustin Rusakiewicz - United States of America 2017-08-01 16:28:10

Had a fantastic experience here taking both group and 1-on-1 classes. The entire process, from registration to the taking of classes, was very simple and straight forward and the school was also able to accommodate my sometimes difficult schedule when I registered for 1-on-1 classes. All-in-all, nothing but positive things to say!

Valentina Brioschi, Italy 2017-07-21 07:21:52

Quando arrivi a scuola ti senti abbracciata da questa grande famiglia. Ho frequentato un mese di corso intensivo di gruppo e un mese di lezioni individuali, per questo mi sento di raccomandare entrambi. I professori sono preparati, sanno individuare le esigenze dei singoli e del gruppo e grazie alla loro simpatia le lezioni non sono mai noiose. I direttori (Marco e Joanna) sono sempre disponibili e attenti che tutto nella scuola funzioni alla perfezione. I tour di Annalisa sono un'ottima occasione per conoscere Lisbona con gli occhi di chi ci vive. Che dire poi di Maggie, la mascot della scuola? 40 kg di pura tenerezza. Grazie a tutti.

Linda Wehrenpfennig, Germany 2017-07-20 10:30:37

Although I just started learning Portuguese and have spent only one week at Portuguese Connection, they made me feel like a little part of charming Lisbon. I learned enough to have small, simple conversations in restaurants, on the street, etc.... Special thanks to my teacher Isabel for her affords to teach as much as possible in one week and giving us all the insider tips around Lisbon! The team of Portuguese Connection works with passion and knows every single student, no matter how long he stays. They even prepared a birthday surprise for one student. I can recommend the school if you not only want to improve language skills but also want to enjoy the welcoming, Portuguese culture!

Jana Gonsalves, USA 2017-07-15 20:25:12

I spent a week at PC in June and am so happy I did. My only regret is that I could not stay to study longer. The approach used is great for quick learning of a language. I have a background in French and Spanish (not fluent). The instructor (Isabel) was perfect for my learning style. I was in a beginning class and there was only one other student learning with me. It was almost like a one-on-one experience. I had private one hour classes in the afternoons that helped me to work on my personal interests. I can not think of one criticism. Joana, Marco, and Annalisa were extremely helpful, friendly, and welcoming. I will definitely return to study again. In the meantime, I will be working with PC in their online classes. By the way, I am a 50+ year old American and felt very much at ease with PC and the entire staff. The other students were great also. LOVE Portuguese Connection and can't wait to come back. Até o próximo ano!

Cornelia, Germany 2017-06-20 15:09:25

Ich habe zwei Kurse (einen Intensiv und einen Extensiv Course) bei Portuguese Connection gemacht. Ich fand beide wirklich toll und kann die Sprachschule nur weiterempfehlen. Auf meinem Weg zum Flughafen nach fünf Monaten in Lissabon hatte ich mich mit dem Taxifahrer auf Portugiesisch unterhalten und er fragte mich, wie lange ich denn die Sprache schon lerne. Als ich ihm antwortete meinte er, ich solle doch noch fünf Monate bleiben, dann wäre ich bestimmt fließend! (Kleine Notiz am Rande für all jene, die sich gerade denken auch in fünf Monaten könne man fließend werden - ich bin extrem schlecht mit Sprachen und wäre ohne Portuguese Connection nicht einmal so weit gekommen.) Außerdem sind alle Mitarbeiter extrem freundlich! Ich musste für meine Bachelorarbeit einen Fragebogen auf Portugiesisch übersetzen und Joana hat sich extra die Zeit genommen um mir damit zu helfen.

Vance Humphrey, USA 2017-06-16 13:36:31

These last four weeks were truly special. Great teachers, beautiful school, and a mascot dog, too! Go for it. You will learn. You will laugh. You will love it.

Alex Trias, USA 2017-06-07 08:15:53

My wife and I moved to Lisbon almost two years ago. At the time, we spoke no Portuguese whatsoever, and did not know anyone in Portugal. We started lessons at Portuguese Connection shortly after we arrived, and enjoy the experience so much that we have continued taking classes there every week and plan to continue doing so. The teaching quality is on par with Columbia University and Yale Law School, where my wife and I studied. Not only are the teachers highly qualified linguistics experts, but each teacher who we have studied with is an innately gifted educator. In our experience, the teachers are extremely passionate about instructing students, and genuinely care about their student's success - both in the Portuguese language AND outside of the classroom as well. The staff are constantly asking students how their experience in Lisbon is going, and offer invaluable advice - whether the student is just staying for a short visit in Lisbon, or looking to live here full time. For us, Portuguese Connection is far more than just a place to take language lessons. It's a real cornerstone of our experience living in Portugal. We've made close friends with other students at the school who feel exactly the same way as we do. For anyone who is looking to come to Lisbon and who wants a very in-depth experience learning about Portuguese language and culture, Portuguese Connection is a true gem.