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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Karina Daniliants, Russia 2016-05-12 04:54:21

I had an amazing experience with the Portuguese connection! Everything was just perfect - from the booking process to the school location and the class rooms to the teachers and the atmosphere. It's the place I will definitely come again, even if I only be in town for a couple of days. Totally recommended for any types of classes!

James Reynolds, UK 2016-05-11 05:00:25

I flew into Lisbon unable to speak a single word of Portugese. Three weeks later, I was able to get by in basic Portugese – thanks entirely to Portugese Connection. The three weeks at the school were among the most fun I have ever spent. Joana, Marco, Annalisa and all the staff were extremely friendly and they went out of their way to make sure that everyone was comfortable (I noticed that all teachers made sure to learn the names of students in other classes as well as their own.) The location of the school is a real plus as well – opposite a park, next to a great bunch of cafes in a great neighbourhood. My teachers – Carla, Joana, and Sofia – were energetic and motivated. Their classes were always were well structured. There were often laugh–out–loud funny moments during lessons. I felt extremely welcome – and was moved by the care Joana took to present gifts and certificates to each student at the end of their studies. Portugese Connection is a vibrant, energetic, fun place – I would recommend it without hesitation!

Kimberly Wright , United Kingdom 2016-05-02 13:21:38

I participated in the 4 week intensive language learning course and couldn't have had a better experience. The PC crew were super welcoming and accommodating even before we arrived, and were helpful throughout the duration of the course even if it wasn't at all relevant to the school! They helped me with settling into Lisbon life and I am so grateful. All the teachers are clearly highly skilled and all have a passion for teaching and sharing their beautiful language. Most of all, I laughed so much and had fun in all of my classes, which is definitely the best way to learn for sure. Muito obrigado Portuguese Connection, ate proxima!!

Caterina Congiu, Italy 2016-04-29 12:22:53

Fun environment and good teachers. They really care about what they do. The school is in a lovely neighbourhood too.

Ireny Gabra, Egypt 2016-04-22 12:41:11

For me, the experience was quite nice with the school, it´s not only targeting teaching the language...it´s teaching more about the Portuguese culture, which is I found it very interesting... The teaching style is fun and far from being boring; I would say that this teaching style really should be the way to teach any language! smile emoticon My teacher was Joana who I gained with her some confidence during my A2.1 classes to start some conversation and practice more, which was a great achievement for me! And Of course I´m looking forward to start A2.2 very soon!! wink emoticon

Valentina Fonte, Italy 2016-04-21 09:09:22

Great school and nice people. Good choice if you want to improve your portuguese.

Katherina Niemann, Germany 2016-04-20 10:54:20

Oláaaaa, bom dia! Have you ever thought that studying grammar can be a lot of fun? No? Then convince yourself and read other students’ reviews on this side. I tried it out myself and followed the one week intensive class. I found a wonderful location and a stunning team that lives for their professional commitment. The Portuguese Connection team not only stands for high professionalism and competence, but also for conviction, engagement, creativity and warmness. So don’t miss this life experience, hurry up and prepare your suitcase. Maybe we will meet there?! Beijinhos, Katherina

Richard Sanviti, France 2016-04-18 18:32:08

I just spent a little week at Portuguese Connection. All I can say from what I experienced is positive : the teacher I had was really nice and just made me like even more Portuguese. The staff is great, kind and professional. The school is also well located in Lisboa, which is already an amazing city. Actually, the teachers, the staff, the students, the atmosphere...even the dog, make you feel very comfortable. The school looks like a welcoming big family. Studying there every day was a real pleasure. Muito obrigado !

Andrew Sharpe, USA 2016-03-26 17:15:07

I had a fantastic experience at the Portuguese Connection Language School from start to finish. As someone who has studied at language schools in Spain and Germany, I highly recommend Portuguese Connection. The school's administrative team were friendly and professional and my teacher, Ivan, was knowledgeable and interesting. I especially enjoyed the small class size and good mix of students of different nationalities. The's school's location in Lisbon is also perfect and my school-arranged host family lived only two minutes away by foot. In short, Portuguese Connection is a wonderful place to learn Portuguese, and I look forward to the chance to study there again.

Yanli Qi, China 2016-03-22 05:35:53

Professionnel teachers, friendly stuff, convenient location in old city center, makes sure a pleasant learning experience.