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Portuguese Private Group Classes

Tailor Made Experience

Would you like to learn Portuguese with a friend? Maybe with a boyfriend or girlfriend? Or with a relative? Or even with the whole family? If that´s the case, you've come to the right place. These classes are designed for those who want to study and learn Portuguese within a private group. In order to guarantee a more personalized approach, the maximum number is 7 students per class. Plus, the fact that you all know each other will create a great learning atmosphere so that you can all work on your language skills more easily and effectively. These kind of classes usually allow the students to learn at their own pace and benefit from their classmates help.

You can also book as many lessons as you want (with a minimum number of 15 hours) a for very a reasonable price.

Start Time 9 am
End Time 13.00 pm
Group Hours 0
Individual hours 20
1 week (Intensive) 900 €
Up to 20 lessons 45 €/lesson
More than 20 lessons 43 €/lesson
More than 30 lessons 41 €/lesson
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