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Portuguese Placement Test

At Portuguese Connection we really want to place the students in the right class! This is why, before coming to our school you will be required to take a Portuguese Placement Test and join the course that best suit your level.

Who needs to take the Portuguese Placement Test?

All students with any prior exposure to Portuguese (formal or informal study) must take this placement test before enrolling in a course. Students with no previous knowledge of the language do NOT need to complete a placement test and should register in an Absolute beginners level course.

About the test

Please read the instructions before you complete the test. It consists of two parts: 50 multiple-choice items (each item is worth one mark) and a written task (10 lines). Items are progressively more difficult so it is normal if you can only complete the first pages. If you do not know the answer, please leave it blank.

Format: The file is an editable .pdf. We recommend using a desktop to complete the test.

Timing: Allow 40-45 minutes for the test. It may terminate sooner for lower levels.

When it is necessary, the student is asked to do a short oral exam!

Please contact us to arrange a placement test: info@portugueseconnection.pt

Levels and Final Exam

At Portuguese Connection all the language courses are designed and structured in accordance with CEFR guidelines (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and with our teaching method. This means that once you complete a course you will receive a certificate/diploma which includes the start/end date of the language classes, the level taken according to CEFR, the type of classes (group/individual), and finally the number of hours studied at Portuguese Connection. The certificate is dated and signed by our Director of Studies, teacher Joana Paiva.

At our school we always give priority to the learning progress of our students! From the start to the end of the classes, we closely monitor the progress of each student in order to guarantee the achievement of the outlined learning results, and to, when it is necessary, change and adapt the teaching (in due time) to the student special needs! At Portuguese Connection we only care about great teaching and student learning!

At the end of each course, we encourage the students to complete a test which will be very important to evaluate the students’ progress and consequently to give them the best recommendation of how they should continue their studies. We make sure that everyone achieves the best learning results!