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Portuguese course for Citizenship or Permanent Residency

Wether you need to pass the CIPLE Official Portuguese test because you want to obtain the Portuguese citizenship or you need an official A2 level Language certificate ir order to obtain the PR (Permanent Residency Permit) after holding a 5 years’ temporary Residence Visa (there are many different types of temporary residence visas: work, student, golden Visa, etc), we can definately be a big help! In both situations you need to show to SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service) that you have a Portuguese language proficiency A2 level certificate!

Portuguese Nationality

If you need to pass the CIPLE exam (A2 level official Portuguese exam) we will guide you through the whole process! We will do your registration with CAPLE ("Portuguese as a Foreign Language Assessment Center") and teach you everything you need to know to pass this exam. First we will assess your language background and knowledge of the Portuguese language (don’t worry, you can be a total beginner), then we will create a tailor-made plan of classes having in mind the main goal: Passing the CIPLE exam for Portuguese citizenship application. We have prepared hundreds of students for CIPLE exam and so far they all passed the CIPLE exam and received their certificate. If you want to read more about CIPLE test you can contact us or you can download our CAPLE guide - Official Portuguese Exam Guide.

If you choose to enrol in one of the 150 hours course managed by IEFP/Qualifica Centers, we can also give you a tip! Contact us!😊

Permanent Residency

The permanent residence permit is a permit that allows foreign citizens to live in Portugal for an unlimited period. For those who are not elegible for Portuguese nationality, this is the only legal way to live in Portugal indefinitely. In case you want to apply for a PR (Permanent Residence) permit, you need an A2 level language certificate! You can enrol in one of our classes and at the end you will receive this language certificate, that is one of the documents you will have to show to SEF.

We charge 90€ for this certificate (200€ fee in case of students who don’t take any classes at Portuguese Connection. Simply want to take the A2 level exam).

Also, if you need help with your Portuguese citizenship or Permanent Residence application, we can put you in contact with our partner, a recognized law firm that specializes in immigration, visa and citizenship matters.