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Portuguese Individual Classes

The Most Complete Course

Offered to beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional students with specific needs. Classes start any Monday, and are held Monday through Friday.  Choosing individual classes has, of course, its own advantages. You can benefit from a private teacher, one-to-one lessons, focusing on your special needs more easily, identifying your areas for improvement, and constant feedback on your language progress. The teacher can actually tailor his or her teaching style to your abilities as a student. You can learn at your own pace and in a more effective way.

This is the private course of 4 classes of 60 minutes every morning from 9 am to 13:00 pm. Recommended for those who want a more personalized and individual approach and faster paced learning. Whether you are an absolute beginner or advanced, these lessons are always better value because the teacher will be 100% focused on your individual language learning, ready to help you to improve and overcome any difficulties you may have. Besides, you can choose the subject you want to work on yourself. Some students prefer to have a class outside the school, for example, to go to the market, a cafe, a bookshop or elsewhere. It´s definitely a more flexible course regarding the teaching method. This course will help you get the best results possible in learning Portuguese during your time in Portugal. It is a great option.

You can also book as many lessons as you want (with a minimum number of 15 hours) for very a reasonable price.

Start Time 9 am
End Time 13.00 pm
Group Hours 0
Individual hours 20
1 week (Intensive) 700 €
Up to 20 lessons 35 € /lesson
More than 20 lessons 32 € /lesson
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