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Portuguese Language and Wine Course

Learn Portuguese and enjoy the fabulous Portuguese wines

Did you know that Portugal is one of the countries with the widest variety of wine grape in the world? Portugal has an extremely rich soil for wine producing and no one ever thought that such a small country could have so many different and exciting wine regions and terroirs. In 2014, Portuguese wine got the 1st, 3rd and 4th place in the top 10 ranking of the Wine Spectator Magazine, and Port wine is worldwide recognized as a fine wine of excellence.

Here is our proposal: would you like to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world and at the same time immerse yourself into the Portuguese wine world? You will combine Portuguese classes in the morning and several activities related to the wine such as wine tastings and workshops in afternoon, and even visiting a winery to feel the land and understand the production process.

And guess what? The wine tastings will be held in amazing places with great atmosphere! You will be delighted!

It’s an opportunity to learn a very important language and spend a wonderful time in Lisbon by discovering one of the main traditional Portuguese products: Wine!

Here is the plan for 1 week of Portuguese Language and Wine Course:

Portuguese/Wine Course Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Portuguese Classes* 4h
Wine Activities Wine Tasting
Portuguese Table Wines
(afternoon) **
Wine Tour
Visit to a winery
(afternoon) **
Wine Tasting - Workshop
(afternoon) **

* You can book more language lessons and choose other types of language course to combine with this program.

** During the wine tastings you will learn the peculiarities of the different Portuguese wines and regions, and their history.

** The days of the wine activities can change, depending on availibility!

** All the materials, entrances and products are included.

Price List

Language Plus Wine Course* Intensive group course Combined Course 4 group +1 individual Intensive individual course
Group/Individual Hours/Week 20 20 20
Private Hours/Day 0 1 4
Wine Hours/Week 12 12 12
Price 1 Week 650 € 890 € 1.200 €
Apply now!

* You can choose other language courses to combine with the Wine activities. Please contact us to ask for prices.

** Lunch break: 13pm-14pm

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