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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Michael Smith, New Zealand 2016-11-22 14:13:46

What a wonderful place to learn Portuguese. I took only a short course as I was in Lisbon only a short time but given the chance I would love to return. Everyone was very welcoming and my teachers Joana and Sílvia were not only very friendly and helpful but also great fun. I really enjoyed my short course. Plus I got a great understanding of the beautiful Portuguese language. With a great site in the Praça do Principe Real in the wonderful city of Lisbon it is hard to imagine anything better. I would happily recommend Portuguese Connection to anyone.

Richard, Sweden 2016-11-04 09:14:42

This is a very good language school. The location is in the centre of Lisbon but still with quiet surroundings, a lovely park and many good cafés and restaurants. The staff was most helpful and good humoured at all times despite my many questions especially in advance. The teacher was brilliant. He could rapidly estimate my language capacity and adapt the level to that. He was patient with my lengthy attempts to speak portuguese, correcting errors but not overdoing. My ability to understand rapidly (that is normally...) spoken portuguese has markedly improved. I look forward to my next stay.

Rika, Japan 2016-10-21 13:08:56

The best language school ever!! I am Japanese, who lived in UK and live now in Germany. I was in more than 30 language schools in my life. The Portuguese Connection is the best school I ever been. WHY? : 1. class has a system and very organised, 2. teaching skill is incredible (they make sure always to "write on a board". It's very important especially for a beginner; and always different topics so you don't get bored in a class), 3 staffs are very friendly and funny, helpful and always smiling (they make sure you're fine and enjoying classes), 4. location is great and surrounded by nice park, shops and restaurants. I was 2 weeks, taking intensive course for a beginner. In 2 weeks, I learnt many vocabulary and grammar. I will come back for sure! I am looking forward for it :D

Corin Wright, UK 2016-10-13 04:29:03

I did 17 weeks in the Portuguese Connection school so it was pretty important that I liked the school from the start as I was going to be there for so long. I can easily say that from the moment I stepped foot in the school I was greeted by wonderful people all of whom helped me to enjoy my language learning experience and my time in Lisbon thoroughly. Marco and Anna-Lisa are pretty much always available to offer help or advice and sometimes I was surprised with how far they went. The majority of the time my teacher was Ivan who is a really cool guy with a passion for languages which comes across in his classes. With his and Joana's (another great teacher) help I managed to attain the level of B2 which I am very pleased with. I will definitely be returning in the future to attend a Summer Course which is full of great activities including an awesome day out at the beach. Obrigado amigos

Kenneth Hodges, USA 2016-09-29 10:47:36

I took two weeks of intensive group classes as a beginner, and I was impressed. They work by immersion, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff and teachers. In two weeks, we got a lot of vocabulary, regular and irregular verbs in present and past tense, numbers, and more: the final assignment was a short essay to be presented aloud. The other students were a diverse and interesting group. The school is in a comfortable suite of rooms across from a park (good for coffee during the break). The school helped arrange trips in and around Lisboa, as well.

Eva Feldman, CROATIA 2016-09-08 09:37:46

If you want to learn Portuguese while being surrounded with positive, warm and professional people (and an extremely welcoming dog - Maggie), then Portuguese Connection is the school for you. With a beautiful interior and surroundings, located in the centre of Lisbon - you just cross the street and have a beautiful green oasis to take deep breaths in - it was a pleasure just walking to the school every morning. The teachers are amazing - during the two weeks I stayed, my teachers were Ivan and Carla, both of which really nice and open. Everyone is flexible and they know how to make Portuguese lessons interesting and challenging, while still fun. I felt at home from the first day of school and it was so hard leaving, but I know I will definitely be coming back! Obrigada a todos por tudo! Beijinhos

Christopher Hartridge, UK/Japan 2016-08-26 04:11:58

Best people in the world! I had a fantastic time. The teaching is class A. See you next year x x

Su Fang, USA 2016-08-23 09:43:51

I enjoyed the lessons and made rapid progress in two weeks. Our teacher Clara enunciates very clearly and was very helpful. The staff--Annalisa and Marco--are very friendly. The school has a very good atmosphere--laid back yet everyone there works hard and the students are eager to learn the language. Lisbon is a nice city with good transport links. The tours arranged through the school--one to Sintra and another to the Arrábida mountains and Sesimbra for dolphin-watching--were very good as well. I can certainly recommend it!

Lukas Wels, Germany 2016-08-17 05:26:22

I had a perfect 3-week experience with the school! Professional teachers and staff creating a perfect atmosphere within the school + very convenient location in old city center + great teaching style + clean and well-equipped school ... My highest recommendation!

Melina Eibs, Germany 2016-08-08 17:26:43

Best language school in town! The teachers are always friendly and super qualified. My 1 month intensive course was fun and I learned a lot! Muito obrigada por tudo!