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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Mirka Scharf, Germany 2016-02-23 06:57:14

I've studied at this school for nearly 6 months, because I somehow always came back... My experience started with a super intensive 2 weeks course (4h group classes + 2 individual each day) in the beginning of September, to prepare me for Portuguese classes in my upcoming Erasmus semester. I spoke some Spanish before, but still I was amazed how quickly I actually could start to speak Portuguese in my daily life. Even though this program was a very tough one, my teachers managed to make every single class pleasant, interesting and informative. I was planning to go on with an extensive course (2h twice a week) anyway, but as I hardly had any classes in the morning at my university and I so much enjoyed learning Portuguese, I chose to go on with 1 week/month of group classes. The school was very helpful finding suitable groups for me in this time. As they knew my level and difficulties by then, and could connect them to similar students, I would say the result were the most productive classes I've ever been at. The extensive course was a nice extension to this as well, as its consistency helped me to continuously work on my language skills. During my time, I got to know several teachers at Portuguese Connection. All of them were enthusiastic, friendly and professional. Classes always were very interactive, we discussed a lot of political and social issues, joked and had fun. Next to that, we learned to speak fluently, simply 'by doing it'. At least for me, this extensive vocal training made it easy to also speak Portuguese outside the school. I even developed a certain way of stubbornness, sticking to Portuguese when my counterpart switched to English. Most of my classes I had with Joana. She is an awesome teacher, that truly loves her language and would love to show you all the little characteristics of her mother tongue. What especially impressed me was that she seems to have a natural talent to recognize perfectly how each person learns and perceives, and the manages to choose the corresponding method to facilitate your learning progress. Another point I'd like to mention is the pleasant atmosphere that I didn't know from any other school. They manage to keep a good balance between friendly and professional and do everything to make you feel welcome. Their mascot Maggie (a really friendly dog and the secret governor of the place) contributes to this to her abilities. Lisbon has become my home, and one of my favorite places on earth. I could spend weekends just walking around, visiting markets, find new places, sit in gardens and admire the beautiful facades of the old buildings. It offers a high quality of life, a vivid night life and a broad range of restaurants, cafes and bars. It sometimes reveals magical views and places so hidden but gorgeous you first don't believe they exist. At the moment, I think there is no better place for doing Erasmus. But even if you only come for a few days or a week, I'm sure you will enjoy Lisbon - and you will love Lisbon I wish all the best to the whole team of Portuguese Connection, and with a heard full of saudades hope to be back very soon.

Dan Phan, USA 2016-02-22 05:24:09

I've attended classes at Portuguese Connection 3 times now during my visits to Lisbon and I always have a valuable experience. It's located across the street from Principe Real park so it's easy to walk to from the major areas of Lisbon. Plenty of cafes and shops nearby to visit on your break. Learning a new language as an adult can be daunting, especially the European Portuguese accent. The entire team of instructors are professional, warm and friendly, and create a valuable learning experience for adults trying to learn the complexities of European Portuguese. If you take private lessons, the instructor will make sure that your learning style is considered and that you are making progress. They offer a wide variety of class options from intensive group lessons, individualized, weekly reading clubs, and even experiential & cultural learning. This isn't just a place to memorize new words and grammar, but rather an immersive and blended learning experience. You learn so much more when you relate the language back to the culture and history.

Jonas Schindler, Germany 2016-01-26 14:45:24

I took the combined classes for 2 weeks and I would always do the same again. Classes were well structured, the teacher was awesome, we had a great learning environment and so much fun! Highly recommended!!

Jitka Lukášová, Czech Republic 2016-01-18 05:49:20

If you want to learn Portuguese, The Portuguese Connection is the best way. Everything, from the very beginning to the end, worked perfectly.That is what I like . Some representative of the school (Marco) takes you from the airport to your apartment, usually a few minutes far from the school. And the school is 10 minutes walking from the historical centre of Lisboa. Laurie prepares some evening programmes and invites you for a nice walk to see the beautiful secluded places of Lisboa or to taste some little speciality in a bar. But what I enjoyed most were the clases with my colleague Guido and our teacher, and the director of the school, Joana. I have been teaching languages for more than 10 years and I have to tell that Joana’s work is highly professional! We spent enough of time learning grammar as well as talking about many interesting topics. She has taught me so much and really inspired me. So, now I‘m using some of her methods in my classes .

Ramazan Ekincier, Turkey 2016-01-08 09:56:41

Portekizce'yi öğrenmek için tüm koşulların en iyilerinin olduğu özel bir okul. Gerek merkezî konumu,gerekse eğitim kalitesi,,sağladıkları kolaylıklar gerçekten takdire şayan. Şahsen,bana özel ders veren ve 4 hafta gibi kısa bir sürede konuşmamı sağlayan Joana Doliveira ve tüm personele çok teşekkür ediyorum. Lizbon'da geçirdiğim güzel günler de böyle bir kazancın cabası

Guido Kuijvenhoven, The Netherlands 2016-01-03 12:49:33

From the first contact by email with Laurie to the final good bye at the end of a week of hard work in the classroom with teacher Joana (and my colleague Jitka) I had a great time and I can only say positive things about Portuguese Connection. I had chosen this school because of their flexibility, their professional approach and the great location in the city. These factors turned out to be the ideal mix to make a successful week of learning Portuguese in a serious but fun way. I managed to give my Portuguese skills a great boost and had a very good time staying in the neighborhood. One week was not enough, I hope to be back soon!

Dan Sochor, Czech Republic 2015-12-04 11:31:53

I can hardly imagine my lessons of Portuguese with Portuguese Connection could be even better. I was lucky to have an opportunity to find out how great job has been Marco, Joana and their whole team doing for their students. Joana is amazing teacher. I liked the way she ran their classes: we spent a lot of time talking about the matters that emerged from the dialogues. We went through some not-so-easy grammar topics also and mentioned some idioms as well. The atmosphere in the school, during the classes and the activities was very relaxed and friendly. Besides the school itself I was delighted with the city of Lisbon. I found the portuguese capital the amazing place and will be happy to be back. I wish all the best to Portuguese Connection.

Marylene Santamaria, Belgium 2015-11-23 11:25:42

Small school with family feeling! They really care about the students and love what they are doing! Excellent teachers, I learned so much in only 2 weeks. Great location and fun and helpful staff! Can only recommend this and will definitely go back!

Justyna, Poland 2015-11-21 17:02:42

I was looking for a Portuguese language school for a long time and It took me a while to decide where to go - I was hesitating - maybe it would be better to go to Brazil or somewhere else where Portuguese is spoken, actually It was hard because there is a wide range of schools and each one seems to be great. Now I know that my choice was the best one I could ever make - my experience with this school was wonderful and I do recommend this school - with passion as Joana and other teachers have, you'll go through learning Portuguese faster than you ever thought!

Przez długi czas szukałam odpowiedniego miejsca do nauki języka portugalskiego i nie mogłam się zdecydować, jaką szkołę wybrać... Może lepiej by było pojechać do Brazylii, albo innego kraju gdzie język portugalski jest językiem oficjalnym? Teraz wiem, że mój wybór był jednym z najlepszych, jakich mogłam dokonać i polecam wszystkim pasjonatom portugalskiego tę szkołę. Nauczyciele mają w sobie wiele pasji do nauczania, dzięki czemu czas zajęć mija jak "w oka mgnieniu", a język "wchodzi jak po maśle". :)

Cathal, Ireland 2015-11-13 14:24:12

I highly recommend Portuguese Connection to anyone wishing to study Portuguese in Lisbon. My teachers were Raquel and Joana (also the director), both of whom were absolutely excellent. Their lessons were always stimulating and lots of fun; their approach to teaching was very patient and professional (without being formal), and their classes always seemed very well-organised, with both teachers being completely 'on top' of their subject. They ensured that the students developed their confidence in communicating whilst at the same time always being challenged. I have attended a few language schools over the years, but I can honestly say that Portuguese Connection is the friendliest one that I have been to. Both the teachers and the rest of the other staff (Marco and Laurie) are wonderfully warm, genuine and welcoming, and the school has a relaxed, almost 'family' atmosphere. I will continue to study Portuguese, and I dearly hope to return to Portuguese Connection!