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Brazilian Classes | Learn Brazilian Portuguese in Lisbon

Learn a different variant of the Portuguese language

At Portuguese Connection School we always teach the worldwide importance of the Portuguese language (for more information on this, please see Portuguese in the World) and explain which countries use the 5th most spoken language in the world as their official language. We know in detail the differences among all variants spoken in each Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) country and in Portugal we also enjoy many language and cultural influences from the Lusophone community. For this reason, and considering that the majority of Portuguese speakers worldwide are from Brazil, Portuguese Connection School designed Brazilian Portuguese lessons for those who want to learn this language in the land where the “mother” variety was born: Portugal. This way, the students have the chance to learn the official language of Brazil while exploring the culture and beauty of its “País irmão” (“brother country”).

The classes are individual with a Brazilian Portuguese teacher, focusing on Brazilian culture and all language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading), and they are at the same time very flexible regarding the teaching method (you can choose the subject you want to work on yourself, you can have real-context classes outside the school, etc), and number of hours per week (you can book as many classes as you want). You can also set your own schedule!

You book as many lessons as you want (with a minimum number of 15 hours) for very a reasonable price.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn Brazilian Portuguese in Lisbon, without leaving the old continent!

Start Time To be defined by the student
End Time To be defined by the student
Up to 20 lessons 39 € /lesson
More than 20 lessons 36 € /lesson
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