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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Catherine Thompson, UK 2018-09-20 14:30:43

I highly recommend this language school. I took the Summer Course 2018 and it was absolutely fantastic! The school is run by a passionate team who put their all into the education and well-being of their students. Don't hesitate to book!

Caitlin O'Sullivan, UK 2018-08-21 07:29:27

I studied at Portuguese Connection for one month and had a fantastic time, I would certainly recommend this school to everybody! The class sizes are small, so the content is really targeted to the students and everybody receives 1-on-1 attention. The lessons are set at the pace of the students and the consideration taken to put students in classes where they are most comfortable is very evident. The teachers are all fantastic, and the fact that they change the teacher weekly means you get a more rounded learning experience! The staff were all amazing, and the effort that Joana and Marco make to keep the atmosphere at Portuguese Connection lighthearted, fun and happy is very evident and this also really helped my Portuguese to advance at a faster pace! I also participated in the weekly activities which I would highly recommend as you really get to know parts of Lisbon you would otherwise have no idea about thanks to the insider knowledge of Annalisa, such as a sardine art museum! If given the choice I would not go anywhere else, I highly recommend Portuguese Connection!

Daniela Deken, The Netherlands 2018-08-14 12:48:36

My experience learning Portuguese could not have been better :) I stayed three weeks in June, and I'm so happy I chose this school! We had small classes which made sure everybody got a lot of personal attention, and the teachers made you feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions. The environment in the school was so warm and friendly, it was almost like a family away from home! The school is quite small, which I loved, because then it's easy to get to know most teachers and other students easily. Loved the excursions organized as well, whether it's watching a Portuguese World Championship football game together or exploring a non-touristy neighborhood in Lisbon. Location of the school is super central as well. If I could I would go back immediately :) Will never forget this experience!

Nancy, Amsterdam 2018-08-06 05:19:59

If you would like to learn Portuguese, these are the people to go to. From the first moment of entering the school of Portuguese Connection (in a very nice location in Lisbon, by the way), it was not only great fun to be there, together with the teachers and in a small group, but also a very effective learning experience; Hats off to the Portuguese Connection team, for making everybody feel so welcome and being so enthusiastic and sincere about what they do. I look forward to my next opportunity of going to Lisbon for more classes.

Eva Pohle, Germany 2018-07-17 06:29:06

Excellent school, very welcoming and professional. The groups are small and the staff is very well trained and friendly. They make you feel comfortable learning a foreign language. The school itself is located close to all places of interest. Everything is in walking distance. I can recommend Portuguese Connection to any student who wants to learn Portuguese in Lisbon.

Carole Myers, UK 2018-07-10 07:36:26

I have just come back from a week in Lisbon at this fantastic school. I’ve been to other schools to learn Portuguese and Portuguese Connection is by far the best. I’ve learnt so much this week! The teachers are outstanding in their skills and knowledge and they are very supportive and attentive to individual needs. Obrigada e até já (eu espero voltar).

Tytti Tenhunen, Finland 2018-07-02 11:45:14

A very welcoming school with an extremely friendly atmosphere and superb staff. I liked the balance between grammar and oral communication plus the fact that the groups were very small. I would definitely recommend this language school.

Fabio Stohler, Germany 2018-06-17 09:43:51

I visited 80 hourse of private class with the school to strengthen my Portuguese. I had the pleasure to attend classes with Barbara and Sílvia during the period of four months. I choose a quite extensive workload of hours per week and therefore we met three times a week for two hours. The amazing thing about the school is that they have a nice welcoming and family-like athmosphere. Something that is at the beginning quite strange for a cold hearthed German, but something you fall in love quickly. The team was always very flexible regarding changes of schedules and very very patient with all my wishes, errors and my inability to "aprender" ;-). This made me feel always confortable and in good hands. To cut it short: I had an amazing experience and can recommend it to anybody how wants to get to know the Portuguese language.

Matteo Fisanotti, Italy 2018-06-04 12:46:36

Amazing school to learn Portuguese! Very good and friendly environment, nice teachers, a great opportunity to get to learn the language. Highly recommended!

Mirjam Heinemens, The Netherlands 2018-05-25 10:07:36

If you want to learn Portuguese I absolutely recommend this school! I started a year a go with the extensive courses and now I am already able to follow most conversations around me. The teachers at the school are professional and very enthusiastic, and there is a nice balance between learning grammar and listening/speaking. The classes are small (8-10 people), so everybody gets plenty of attention and you can practice and make mistakes in a safe environment. Finally the courses are way cheaper than most language schools I checked, but the quality of the classes is at least as high!