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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Katinka G F, Germany 2020-04-09 08:07:26

This is THE school to learn Portuguese! Why? The location is just great, the organization: excellent, the teachers: highly competitive, always friendly and ready to help, the lessons: exhausting AND funny! I wish I could have stayed longer… Now I am checking out the online classes, and, I am sure, I'll be back soon!

Jerzy, Poland 2020-03-15 03:52:24

Great school. If you consider learning portugues it is definitly place for you. All people there are very nice nad helpful. Teachers are extremely professional, patient and always ready to help. Teachers rotate which gives you exposure to different accents, way of speaking etc. Size of the class is perfect so you learn interesting people from all over the world but not compromize the pace of your own learning. Location of the school is very good, very centrally, in front of the nice park, close to everything you need. Great school.

Ania G, Poland 2020-03-14 07:43:07

I spent 2 weeks at Portuguese Connection School in February 2020. How was it ?Definitely, I wish I could stay longer and carry on classes one day. I was very excited that I got a chance to speak portuguese again and I could learn new things, revise  and improve it. I love the way they approach to learn language and motivate students. If you have opportunity I would not hesitate to go for online classes as well. The staff is very helpful and professional to answer all you questions and find the best solution. I strongly recommend that school. It was the right choice. Beijinhos, Ania

Luke Millwood, Australia 2020-03-13 10:30:12

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and capacity across the breadth of teachers at this school. They are experts in creating a comfortable learning environment, with a highly professional staff who are willing to go above and beyond to assist you on your learning journey. I can not recommend them highly enough. If you are just starting out, or fine polishing your skills, the team at Portuguese Connection are able to accommodate you.

Thanks team.

Emily Towe, USA 2020-03-13 07:03:48

My partner and I are proud to be part of the Portuguese Connection family! The team takes great care in crafting class schedules for diverse groups of students. Throughout 4 weeks of group and private classes, we especially appreciated the dynamic collective of teachers. The exposure to different accents and teaching styles kept it fresh and fun for us. We're pleased with our foundation in the language, but still have a long road ahead. We'll be back soon!

Katie Sideris, USA 2020-03-10 10:14:52

The best place to learn Portuguese (and have some fun in the process!) ☺️ I can’t say enough good things about this language program and the people who run it/work here. They became a part of my family and for an expat with no friends or family nearby, that meant the world. They teach you all aspects of the language from grammar, audio, oral, and culture. If you’re considering learning Portuguese, this is THE PLACE to go! ❤️

Derya Özdemir, Turkey 2020-02-13 06:56:14

It is an excellent place to learn Portuguese! All the teaching staff and the management team are very professional and friendly. The location is very central. Once a week, you can join a trip to a museum or other sightseeing with the school. I had three weeks of course in 2019 and one month this year. Definitely recommend it!!

Francoise Carpenter, France 2020-02-13 06:53:48

I started at the school as a total beginner. The native teachers were very knowledgeable and all different in their teaching. After 3 weeks I was upgraded to the next level for my remaining 4 weeks. I had a great experience in Portugal and Lisbon especially.
I recommend this school for their friendliness and experience, and for the good location close to many historic sites and superb public transportation.

Barbara Holzweber, United Kingdom 2020-02-13 06:52:36

Great language school with excellent teachers! I have been attending lessons online for about 5 months now and I couldn't be happier. The lessons are always very interesting and I am happy with my progress. Booking classes or contact the school, in general, is easy. Everyone at the school I have spoken to so far has been more than happy to help with requests or enquiries. I would like to highly recommend Portuguese Connection.

Margot Basson, South Africa 2020-02-13 06:50:58

I had an amazing 2.5 months at Portuguese Connection school in Lisbon. Not only did the wonderful teachers teach/help me to pass my A2 exam with 80%, but I also learnt about Portuguese culture, food, history and much more. I can truly say it was an incredible experience and would recommend them to anyone. Whether you are visiting Lisbon for 2 weeks and want to learn Portuguese, or if you want to write a Portuguese exam - this is the school for you!