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Johanna Schneider, Germany 2024-07-17 11:26:43

If you need to take the CIPLE exam I highly recommend the Portuguese Connection Language School! The teachers are outstanding, the staff supportive and the test prep invaluable. Thanks to everyone. :)

Marta Raaka, USA 2024-06-28 06:39:17

I did a one week immersion class in May that was excellent! Thanks to a short online test, I was placed with two others students at my level. Our wonderful teacher, Rafael, kept us engaged and covered a lot of material. He was very organized and good at drawing out conversation from each one of us.
I look forward to returning for more classes.
The location in the Principe Real neighborhood is very convenient and a fun area to explore. Highly recommend this school.

Estelle Berger, USA 2024-04-29 04:35:08

I have taken both online and in-person (in Lisbon) classes at Portuguese Connection Language School, and both were excellent! Initially I struggled with understanding the spoken language in class, but the teachers were always encouraging, and over time I began to comprehend more and more. The systematic language/grammar instruction plus more freeform discussions in Portuguese worked well to increase my knowledge of and ability to use the language, plus I enjoyed the occasional readings about Portuguese culture and history. My teachers were outstanding and the staff at the school friendly and helpful. I plan to return to Portuguese Connection Language School to continue my studies next year.

Sally Fanjoy, USA 2024-03-23 08:37:31

This school offers small classes and excellent teachers who engage and provide targeted skills for every student. I have had the opportunity to study when visiting for two years now and I can't wait to come back. Both the group and individual classes helped me make huge leaps in my Portuguese language skills and this time I felt comfortable speaking as well as in my comprehension. I studied with Eduardo, Deana and Andreia but had a chance to converse with other teachers in the hallway and on breaks as well as the staff. Everyone is helpful, friendly and geniunely want to help each student. I highly recommend the Portuguese Connection!

Gary G., USA 2023-11-17 16:47:09

Acabei de estudar por duas semanas na escola Portuguese Connection. Foi uma experiência excelente! Os professores ajudaram-me muito para avançar na minha habilidade de falar e entender mais sobre a cultura do pais, sua literatura, seus costumes, sua política. Eles estavam muito entusiasmados para partilhar as suas experiências, e rapidamente entenderam quais eram as areas mais importantes para eu avançar. Tinha muitas oportunidades de falar para ficar mais confortável com a expressão oral. Os membros da administração também foram muito amigáveis, era como estar em familia. Definitivamente vou voltar para estudar mais nesta escola.

Gil McKinnon, Canada 2023-11-14 11:42:01

I highly recommend Portuguese Connection School. In October (2023) I took a four week course (4 hours daily). My two instructors (Andreia, Daniela) were SUPERB - very knowledgable, energetic and empathetic. Each lesson demonstrated their outstanding teaching skills. The School is well organised with a friendly atmosphere.

Tse, Tibet 2023-09-12 07:11:22

It was a very satisfactory experience and everybody a the school is super helpful and likable.
Performance of the teachers was overall excellent. Especially Raffael with his enthusiasm stands out.
The combination group/individual lessons worked perfectly for me, as at times the composition of the groups was a bit unfortunate. With sometimes other students hindering the progress. But of course, this can be controlled by the school only to a certain degree, and maybe other students might have thought the same about me.
All teachers give handy tips as for life in Lisbon as such, books, restaurants etc..
I enjoyed the park across the street as it was perfect for recreation between classes.
Bottomline, I wanted to make as much progress as possible in a month and was ready to roll up the sleeves. The teachers satisfied my needs perfectly. They adapted to my approach and were ready to push me.
I highly recommend Portuguese Connection language school!

Daniel, Italy 2023-04-15 09:24:32

In February 2023 I attended two weeks of intensive course with extra individual lessons at Portiguese Connection and I can fully recommend the school and both course formats. All teachers and staff I interacted with were very friendly, professional, and well-prepared. Group size of the morning classes was between 4 and 6, and the teacher was able to perfectly cater to our different backgrounds and aims. The individual classes gave me the possibility to work on my weak spots and ask all the questions I had. It was evident that both teacher and organisation went to length to design the best format for my aims. Murió obrigado e até logo! Daniel

Margarethe, Poland 2023-04-06 02:48:37

I attended an intensive course with additional private lessons for 2 weeks. I think my expectation was to learn a little bit of grammar. At least this was my plan. I do not know what happened but eventually I was able to understand much more and even ask questions!... What I know for sure is that Portuguese connection has great teachers. They are incredible excellent, with great materials and methodology. The most important attitude, however, is their dedicated commitment and joy to teach the language. They know what they do! Thank you so much Diana, Rafael and Ricardo. I would have liked to stay and continue my Portuguese journey, also because the whole staff and the atmosphere are uniquely warm and welcoming. A highly recommended school.

Eric Ellis, Australia 2023-03-24 10:23:27

This past month has been my second studying with Portuguese Connection, albeit the two periods separated by a pandemic. But on returning for intensive individual classes after a couple of years apart, it was like being back with old friends. The school seems to be again thriving and for good reason. The classes with the always professional Andreia and Ricardo are warm and fun but appropriately serious when required, and often involve intense learning.
The conversational gambit from a demanding student is wide, with no subject off limits, and Andreia with her fascinating experiences working for years in Guinea-Bissau and Ricardo with his expertise in Latin American affairs are more than equal to the task. I feel I have caught up on the pandemic-enforced absence and are now pressing ahead, though each day forward simply reveals how far there remains to go. My wife and I tested a number of schools in Lisboa before alighting on Portuguese Connection, and I know we made the correct choice.
I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Eric Ellis, Australian, foreign correspondent