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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Cynthia, United Kingdom 2014-05-29 13:36:00

Joana is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever had - she is passionate about teaching and ensuring that her students can learn. If one explanation or example doesn't work, she can present things again another way, till a student gets it. Her teaching methods are very creative - like listening to Rui Veloso (a popular singer) for listening comprehension practice, or visiting local sights or events. Most importantly, she encourages her students - I have never been afraid to try to speak Portuguese, unlike my experience learning French which left me terriried to try to speak. If you need to learn Portuguese - starting at any level - Joana is your best bet.

Antonio, Italy 2014-05-24 18:27:00

I was able to meet the culture, the people, the food and wine of Portugal through the musicality, expressiveness and passion of the wonderful Portuguese language. A big thank you to Joana, who with her enthusiasm, professionalism , expertise and human connection makes each lesson a time for learning, sharing and reflection. Great! Até breve Una delle esperienze di studio della lingua straniera più belle e coinvolgenti in assoluto. Ho potuto incontrare la cultura, la gente, il cibo e il vino del meraviglioso Portogallo attraverso la musicalità, l'espressività e la passione della lingua portoghese. Un grandissimo grazie a Joana, che col suo entusiasmo, professionalità , esperienza ed empatia umana riesce a rendere ogni singola lezione un momento di apprendimento, di scambio e di riflessione. Grandiosa!

Gisela, Germany/Spain 2014-05-06 18:47:00

Ich habe bereits in Hamburg bei unterschiedlich en Lehrern Portugiesisch gelernt und bin selber Spanischdozenti n: Der Unterricht bei Joana war spitzenmäßig: Sie ist äußerst qualifiziert und stets engagiert und es hat großen Spass gemacht. Ich habe in einer Woche mehr gelernt als in den 2 Jahren davor.Joana hat die Grammatik und die Ausspracheregel n (an denen mir besonders gelegen war)ausgesproch en klar vermittelt und mit entsprechenden Übungen gefestigt.Das war nicht mein letzter Kurs bei ihr!!

Stephan M., Vienna, Austria 2014-05-04 20:16:00

The week I spent in Joana's class was unique! It´s not only the way of teaching, but also the combination of her huge knowledge and love about the language, portuguese history and nice places (don´t miss her info about restaurants!) made it a lot of fun, too. Joana adapts very fast on the individual language skills. With great enthusiasm she encourages everyone to develop quickly and will not give up before you reach your goal. If you want to learn portuguese - portuguese connetion is the place to be! Die Woche, die ich mit Joana in einer Klasse verbringen durfte, war großartig! Nicht nur die Art, wie sie unterrichtet ist großartig, sondern die Kombination aus ihrem weitreichenden Wissen über die Sprache, portugiesische Geschichte und sehenswerte Orte (ihre Lokaltipps sind spitze!) haben diese Woche für mich und die anderen Studenten zu einer tollen und lustigen Wochen gemacht. Joana erfasst sehr schnell das individuelle Können ihrer Studenten und Studentinnen. Mit grosser Begeisterung versucht sie, das Beste aus jedem Einzelnen herauszuholen und gibt nicht auf, bevor sie das gewünschte Ziel erreicht hat. Wenn sie Portugiesisch lernen wollen - die Sprachschule von Joana kann ich wärmstens empfehlen!!

Alex F., Switzerland 2014-05-01 15:32:00

I learned Portuguese with Joana and I really appreciated her serious, passionate, open-minded way of teaching, her charismatic communication style and all the progress I made thanks to her work in the classroom. You will have an extremely well prepared teacher who will nevertheless always be attentive to her students' needs as she has a huge experience in teaching beginners as well as advanced and ambitioned learners. Moreover, she will make you laugh and have a good time in Lisbon! I can only recommend this great teacher and her school, without hesitating! Muito obrigado, Joana!

Marcos, España 2014-04-29 19:53:00

Olá caros estudantes de Portugues: Joana was my teacher 2 years ago, while I was in Porto learning Portuguese. Anything I could say about her would fall short of the real thing.I enjoyed her lessons enormously specially her passion to inculcate in me every meaning of various Portuguese words. It is very unusual nowadays to find someone like her really enjoying teaching their mother tongue. But then a salesman is convincing only if they love what they're selling. In a word - I most definitely would recommend her as a teacher.

Dirk, Germany 2014-04-28 10:44:00

Olá estudantes! In doubt if this could be the Portuguese language school for you? Don't be! With Joana you get not only the best teacher you will ever have, you also will meet the nicest person! A demanding, very intelligent teacher with a great sense of humour. And if you (the student) are nice too, you will also get a good friend in Joana... so go and learn some Portuguese! I definitely had two of the best months of my life in her class! Muito obrigado! Beijinhos, Dirk

Angelita, Italy 2014-04-24 13:46:00

When I started to study Portuguese I was already speaking four different foreign languages and I was terrified to fail and make confusion with Spanish. My aim was to get to know the language within a month as the Company I was working for, demanded me to be their Portuguese back up for marketing purposes. The challenge was very taught and thanks to teachers as Joana who trusted in me unconditionally and made all her efforts to follow my needs in learning, that now I say I can speak Portuguese quite fluently. That's one of the most fascinating and passionate language I've ever spoken. Definitely. Joana taught me her culture and not only her language; her sense of humour, her intelligence and smartness in working and dealing with people and students, make her a special person and professional. Muito obrigada professora do meu coração, nunca vou esquecer-me de ti ;)

hans zehentmeier, Germany 2014-04-24 10:34:00

Hi joana, I am glad you opened your own school. This one is even more professional then the one I appreciated in Porto. And Lisbon offers still more possibilities for sight-seeing than the "Northern Capital". Keep it up! Hans

Juanele, Spain 2014-04-23 18:07:00

I would like to say that for the last 3 years I have attended a foreign language class in three different countries, and I have to confess that maybe I have never had a teacher like Joana. She has been one of the best. Like portuguese people she is a very good host, with her you will lose your shyness and you won't have any problem in asking your doubt. She is very attentive to her students, and she can adapted to the needs of the group with an incredible ease. You will learn more than in other class that you have had before, and you will see that the time goes by too quickly with her. So if you are thinking of taking Portuguese classes Portuguese Connection would be a very good choice. If Joana is your teacher, don't try to argue with her! It is a joke. Good luck with your Portuguese!