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School Reviews - Check our School reviews and testimonials

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Delphine Callewaert, Belgium 2015-09-20 16:42:43

I would highly recommend this language school for anyone seeking to improve their Portuguese. It's still a small school, but very cosy and they have a great team. Our first contact with the school was with Laurie. She answered all our questions with a lot of patience and she made us feel very comfortable about going to this school. She also helped us finding a place to stay for 2 weeks in Lisbon. Thank you Laurie for all your help! Marco and Joana, the owners of the school, are lovely as well! Always prepared to help and to answer all your questions. Joana is a great, passionate teacher who gives very interactive classes and pushes you to the next level. She does it with a smile and with a lot of humor. The same goes for our teacher of the 2nd week, Raquel. She also gave our Portuguese a boost by making us speak a lot. And off course there's Maggie, the dog/ the mascot of the school. She is Always happy to see you in the morning and prepared to have some play time ;)

Tony Baring, UK 2015-09-20 15:32:09

The highlight for me was the friendly atmosphere. Joana is a fantastic teacher and all the staff were helpful and really approachable. The school is in a really nice location in Lisbon close to the Bairro Alto. Although I could only attend a one week course my level really improved. I highly recommend the Portuguese Connection Language School and would definitely return.

Filiep Geeraert, Belgium 2015-09-14 04:09:48

So much more than a language course!
I tend to forget that while learning a language you also get to know a lot about the people, their culture and traditions. You could say that you get a glimpse of the Portuguese soul. This was certainly the case while studying at the Portuguese Connection Language School. The school itself, is very easy to reach, and was at 5 minutes walking distance from the Portuguese family where I was staying. It is small in size, but great in the way it approaches the task. The positive experience already began before my trip started, when Marco contacted me to take care of a practical issue involving my luggage. I immediately got a nice feeling about the school. Then, when I first went to the school my teacher Joana greeted me and my fellow student with a radiant smile. As I had already prepared my visit by studying intensively at home, it did not take long before we were talking in Portuguese. Even though I only booked for one week, it was very intensive, and I learned a lot of new grammar and vocabulary. Classes were never dull, and always felt very personal. In the afternoon I had also booked a private lesson, in which Joana let me decide on what I wanted to focus them. She also had some suggestions herself. I learned quite a lot, and the teacher was always there to assist me with any question I could have. Within a week I felt a lot more fluent and I feel much more fluent and self-confident when striking up a conversation with a Portuguese speaking person. Something more about the school: after classes you can -if you want to- use a different classroom to study a bit. For those who want to explore Lisbon a bit more, the school also has some group visits, and some suggestions of places to explore. In summary, I am very happy with the overall experience. I believe that I learned a lot, and got much more fluent at speaking Portuguese, even though I was there for only a week. I got onto the plane with a bit of 'saudades' with only a couple of 'pastéis de Belém' to ease the pain.

Giulia Oberti, Italy 2015-09-07 08:26:24

I spend every summer learning a language in a foreign country since I was 16 and this 5 weeks at Portuguese Connection went far beyond my expectations.
I started as a complete beginner (meaning I could barely smile when somebody asked me how was my day) and a left yesterday with a B1 certificate.
Both the school and the classes are small, which I learned by experience is a major pro since you have the chance to speak more, practise more, exercise more.
Raquel and Joana are both great and dedicated teachers, always arranging interesting classes according to your goals and always with a smile on their face: my very first day I would never thought I would be able to speak by the end of my stay, but they helped me any time I had dubts, made me improve quickly and made grammar more comprehensible by explaining not only the rules but also the logic process behind that.
The whole staff is always really welcoming, positive and helpful: Laorie was always there to answer my questions, Marco has great tips for everything (totally earned the nickname WikiMarco) and if you are planning to visit the country you should definitely ask Joana her To Do List about Porto and rely on Raquelif you’re going to spend a weekend in Algarve.
The relationship with all the staff goes far beyond the student-teacher bond and all of them will make you fall in love not only with the language, but also with the city, the country and the culture.
So thanks to all at once at to each one of you, guys: até a pròxima 

Katarina, Republic of Belarus 2015-09-02 17:48:23

I am so glad that I have taken a course with Portuguese Connection Language School. I started from scratch as a complete beginner but after just a two weeks intensive course was able to speak. For the record, the lady doing check-in at the airport on my way back was very impressed!:-) Everyone at the school is so nice and helpful and really does care about their students. What I also appreciate is that the course is flexible in the meaning that it is adjusted to your needs. Apart from the language course itself, the school also offers a range of different free of charge activities after classes such as for example sightseeing. The last but not least, Lisbon is simply an amazing place, full of colours, sun, almost tangible light, sounds and quiteness at the same time. It has so much to offer. Take your time to discover its beautiful soul!

Marco Iacopini, Italy 2015-09-01 04:32:02

Hi, my experience was really good, in three weeks i was able to progress of a full level if not more and i left Lisbon actually speaking some portuguese. I definitely recommend this school. Excellent location as well. Cheers;

Katrin Ver, Russia 2015-08-31 13:44:18

Amazing school in the centre of Lisbon with great friendly open and very kind teachers who could managed increase my level of Portuguese as from Earth to the Moon :)) every week the teachers switch that's why you gonna have an an option to talk and work with different person and his manner of teaching, and, of course it helps to improve your skills in talking and understanding other Portuguese people. The great idea is that explanations are mostly in Portuguese so you are fully going inside the language. I enjoyed a lot! Thanks so much! beijos

Michael Guthrie, UK 2015-08-31 13:42:29

Great language school. Staff were so friendly. Carla was a great teacher.

Thomas, Ireland 2015-08-20 18:23:44

I spent three weeks studying as a complete beginner and thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the school, location was accessible and in a pleasant area with the classrooms well lit naturally. The school has a very comfortable and personal atmosphere with the staff being very hospitable and enthusiastic for their work above and beyond their duty. Would certainly recommend to anyone interested in engaging with the language and Portuguese culture.

Sophia Nzeribe, UK 2015-08-05 16:51:50

I came to study Portuguese for a week as a way of starting out with a new language. I did a combined course which included art lessons in the evenings. I went alone and was feeling slightly nervous as a result but the staff were so friendly and welcoming and after only five days I felt like I had known them all for ages. Joanna was an amazing teacher who encouraged, stretched and challenged us, she had a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and confident and has an amazing knowledge of the origins and theory behind the language as well as its use. My Portuguese friends were impressed and surprised at how much I had learnt in just a week. Laurie and Marco were always so friendly and helpful. Paula my art teacher really helped and encouraged me to begin drawing and painting again after years of doing nothing and I was able to practice the art of Portuguese tile painting. I feel really grateful for the opportunity to study and intensive course and get quality teaching in such a lovely relaxed environment. I recommend this school for anyone wanting to learn Portuguese in Lisbon.