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Testimonial Video: Michele from USA

Michele, from California (USA), has recently done 20 days of individual classes (4 hours per day) at Portuguese Connection. She had some previous knowledge of Portuguese and wanted not only to improve it but also to strenghten what she had learned in the past!

Her classes were held both in the school and outside, going out with the teacher to experience and learn the Portuguese language and culture in the real context! As she says in the video, she had 3 different teachers which has helped her to understand different accents and ways of speaking, and to benefit from a variety of distinctive ways of teaching, although all the teachers follow the same methodology of teaching (created by Portuguese Connection).

She has fallen in love with the language, the staff, and most of all, with the school!!! After 2 weeks of traveling around Portugal and Spain, she will stop by the school to have more classes before she goes back to United States! For the school, it is very rewarding to teach such dedicated and nice students!

Please have a look at the video to listen to what Michele has to say about Portuguese Connection!

Michele already speaks Portuguese, do you?