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Online classes can bring us closer than ever

Online Classes


Break down your barriers and conquer your fears:  now is the time to connect with the Portuguese language.  In our daily lives, we get stuck doing a million things.  Time passes and we never realize that taking a few small steps can make us happy.  Don’t rush, take your time, enjoy the moment and discover a new way to learn and understand Portuguese language and culture.

As you may have heard, the Portuguese were the first Europeans to explore the entire world.  We were the first global navigators, explorers and ambassadors.  We went just about everywhere and were always very proud to teach even a single word to anyone.  Ever since, we always get so excited when someone recognizes our language and we get even more excited when they understand it.

That’s why Portuguese Connection wants to get closer to you by giving you the chance to get in touch with our language without coming to Portugal.  (But we hope that you will soon visit us in person!)

Like the real Portuguese that we are, we have adapted to our new reality and can now bring classes to your home, work and family.  We now use all of the latest technologies, we developed new class formats and we have new tools to ensure the best possible learning process.  You can always rely on your Portuguese Connection team to be just a click away!  So with all the benefits of online portuguese classes, you can start or improve your Portuguese, know new faces and get ready for your next trip to Portugal.

Are you ready?

All night long…online…not really! Take a chance without spending all of your time in front of a computer.  After 2 hours of classes, you will see results.  And it’s easy to find the best way for you to learn Portuguese.

…do you want to learn alone or with others?

…do you want to be part of a family (or group of friends) project?

…do you work with a predefined schedule or do you prefer to manage your own time?   

We offer you these types of Portuguese classes:

- Online Individual Classes: you buy a package of 10, 20 or 30 online classes conducted by a private teacher. Working with you to set up a schedule, each lesson will last 60 minutes minimum and there will be at least 4 hours of lessons a week so you can make good progress. You will always receive all the materials (handouts, exercises, etc.) you need and lessons will be designed so that you can improve all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, pronunciation, writing and grammar). These one-to-one lessons will also provide an opportunity to pay special attention to your questions and to particular topics on which you would like to focus. But without forgetting that the secret to success in languages is practice, practice, practice!

- Online Group Classes: do you want to join a group? We have available a group course if you want to complete each language proficiency level, level by level (according to CEFRL – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)! You can benefit from the dynamic of a group while you will be practicing Portuguese with people from all the globe! The lessons will be held through Zoom online platform! We offer intensive classes (1 class of 2 hours every morning) for those who want to learn the language faster, and extensive/evening classes (2 classes of 2 hours twice a week in the afternoon from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Lisbon time) for those who work or study during the day! Each group is up to 9 people and students who already have knowledge of Portuguese language will have to complete an assessment test so we can place them in the right group/level! And off course all the learning material is included (text book, grammar book and extra material if necessary).

- Online Private Group Classes: do you want to learn Portuguese with a group of friends? Would you like to provide Portuguese language training to your employees? You are in the right place. Our private group courses will be tailor-made to meet the group’s needs and we will work with you to set up a plan designed to achieve the fast learning results for which your are looking. And since we are a certified school by the Ministry of Education, you can find interest in including this course in your company training plan! If you are a private group of people that want to learn the Language together, here you have an opportunity to share the fees and decide your own schedule! We will be glad to send you a personalized quote and plan of classes.

And still... If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, you can do Online Brazilian Portuguese individual lessons with a highly qualified Brazilian teacher. You can experience the same teaching methodology and structure of the Online Brazilian Portuguese individual classes as the European variant! You cannot miss the opportunity of learning one of these 2 amazing Portuguese language variants and be ready to speak with millions of Portuguese speakers around the world!

Not enough reasons to do online classes? We can give you few more:

  • Save time and money
  • Flexible schedules
  • Permanent access to learning materials/resources
  • Avoid the hassles of commuting to class
  • Total support from our teachers
  • Learn from your most comfortable place

Don’t wait to start or to continue learning Portuguese. Your time is precious and we will make it worth even more. Give a chance to create new bonds and to share the same passion with others. Light up a new social life and develop a closer network. That’s what brings us together: the desire to rediscover a new language and a new culture. And for that... Portuguese Connection is the right way!