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Love in Portuguese - Portuguese Word for Love

What is the real meaning of the word “love”? It is not possible to give it a single meaning because it is an expression of different meanings, moods and actions that range from relational affection (to love a relative, such as your mother) to desire and pleasure (to love doing some sport, eating a special dish , etc). It can refer to  a strong attraction and a virtue that represents  human kindness not only to other humans but also to animals for example.

In its several forms, love facilitates the relationships between human beings, it is also the main theme of creative arts and every cultural expression.

Every culture has its own ways of expressing love and indifferent contexts and situations . And even  time showed us that this feeling, which is also a way of facing life, has constantly been changing since the beginning of the human kind. Nowadays, there are different ways of expressing love and affection , different channels to speak and write it down different situations of usage.

But despite this variety of feelings, attitudes and states, which have been suffering modifications throughout history, everyone agrees with its vital importance for the survival of human kind. Its shape can vary but its essence is unassailable. Why? Because it is part of our nature.   

There are so many ways to express your feelings to your wife/husband, to your children, to a relative and even to a friend. This is true for all the idioms in the world, and the Portuguese language is no exception.
In Portugal we use the world “love” in several situations, such as:

In English In Portuguese  
I love you! Eu Amo-te!
To Love! Amar!
Sweetheart! Amorzinho!
You’re sweet! És um amor!
My love! Meu amor!
What a lovely person! Que amor de pessoa!

There are other ways of expressing the feeling of love but using other words, as it happens in other languages.
In fact, we don’t say “Amo-te” often, instead we use other words and ways of expressing the feeling of love. Here are some words and sentences that the Portuguese usually say when they want to show their feelings.

In English In Portuguese  
I adore you! Adoro-te!
I like you very much! Gosto muito de ti!
You’re beautiful! És lindo! / És linda
You’re cute! És giro! / És gira
You’re cute! (literally: you’re a cat) És um gato! / És uma gata!
You’re everything to me! És tudo para mim!
What a lovely piece! Que coisa mais linda!
My princess! Minha Princesa!
My dear! Meu querido! / Minha Querida
My angel! Meu anjo!

Now you already know how to say “I love you” in Portuguese! And all scientific studies confirm that it is good for our health to express our feelings! So say it a lot of times while you are in this transitory state that is Life.
So that you can practice and hear the word expression “Eu amo-te” (“I love you”), watch this video clip of a Portuguese romantic song.