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Portuguese vs English slang

Dear Followers

Today we want to talk about the idea that English people usually have difficulties on speaking and understanding Portuguese. Both are strong languages, being the English language the 3rd most spoken in the world (as native language), and the Portuguese the 6th. English Language emerged on the 5th century and today after the Mandarin is the strongest language in the world. On the other side, the Portuguese language started to be written on documents since the 9th century, and is the native language of the oldest country in Europe: Portugal.

Phonetically speaking, the English and the Portuguese have significant differences, but an English native speaker person can achieve great results in Portuguese learning in a reasonable period of time. In portuguese Connection, we have already taught Portuguese to many people from United Kingdom, Australia and USA, and all with great results in short periods of time. 

We invite you to learn Portuguese in Portugal with us because you will achieve a great language proficiency level. And do you know a better place than Lisbon to learn Portuguese language?

Learn Portuguese in Lisbon at Portuguese Connection is indeed a truly wonderful experience, because we put all efforts to your language skills achievements and to ensuring you a fabulous stay in Lisbon.

We invite you to watch a nice video where you can see 2 young people where one teaches the other some English slang and share his Portuguese knowledge. You can see that some words in Portuguese are similar than in English, and vice versa: