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Portuguese Music: PIMBA


June, the most awaited month of the year in Lisbon, has arrived and before you go enjoying the celebrations, you NEED to improve and expand your knowledge about PIMBA music!

There is an arraial (local festival) in every corner, each one with its own pimba song. But, what is pimba and which songs you really need to learn before going out for a beer in June?

Pimba is all about entertaining and the music itself is usually not complex. Main instruments are accordion, rhythm boxes and synthesizers. The genre of music is characterized by humorous lyrics, usually charged with sexual metaphors, but the term can also be used to refer to overly sentimental lyrics. 

Students living in Portugal should already know this genre. In fact, Sunday's TV shows are all about pimba.

And whilst it is true that there is no arraial without pimba, it is also true that there is no party if you are not singing along with portuguese people!

Here you have three classic pimba songs that you need to learn before Santo António! Vamos cantar!

QUIM BARREIROS - A garagem da vizinha

DIAPASÃO - A bela portuguesa

JOSÉ MALHOA - Apita o comboio


See you in Alfama!