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Portuguese Daily Life

Dear Followers

Today we want to give you a taste of the daily life of a common Portuguese person. Obviously everyone has his own life and lives it in a particular and personal way, but there are common moments in the daily life of the general Portuguese population, and here we are talking about culture and its traditions!!!

The language is the most frequent cultural manifestation of the Portuguese people and is the voice and expression of all their traditions. Without the language, every nation and culture couldn't be written, recorded and reminded. So, you can learn about the Portuguese daily life and culture by reading a book, online available information and search, etc, but if you don't learn Portuguese, and would like to know about our culture and lifestyle, you have definitely to immerse yourself in learning one of the most spoken languages in the world: the romanic Portuguese language.

Here is the video of an incredible Portuguese shop in Lisbon called "A vida Portuguesa", where you can find several products of every Portuguese daily life:

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