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Portuguese basics: a survival kit

It is always very kind to thank someone in his own language and always effective to ask someone to speak slowly in that language you are not fully understanding. 

Whether you are on holidays or you just arrived in Lisbon to stay for a longer period, we suggest to keep this "portuguese survival kit" at hand and start practicing during the day. These are daily expressions that are basic yet very useful. First of all, greetings and goodbyes.

It is always good to start a new day with a smile on your face. Wake up and say “Bom dia” to yourself! Pay attention to the differences between formal and informal, it can make the difference!

Verbs, verbs, verbs! It’s only a start but it will help you better understand what’s happening around you and tell the others what you are doing. Here comes the present of some regular verbs. "Boa sorte" with it!

Last but not least, some daily expressions you can use in different situations. Encourage your friends saying "Força" and express your love by saying "Gosto muito de ti!" (I like you a lot). Isn’t that “fixe” (cool)?

What are you waiting for? Go out and practice! :)