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Portugal - The best European Country for the American People

Tourism in Portugal is strongly growing, and we can dare to say that visiting Portugal is becoming fashionable!

Portugal is receiving millions of tourists each year and there is a growing trend that we probably don't see in any other country. In 2014, Portugal has received more than 16 million visitors, more 6 million than its own population. So you can have an idea, Portugal is more attractive, in a touristic point of view, than Holland and even Brazil...

Lisbon and Porto have been collecting, in the last 5 years, many trophies in the tourism field. And this is also a remarkable achievement of such investment and improvement in a sector that has been growing in 2 digits since the beginning of the current century.

Here is one more of those news that reflects the increasing demand for the most southwestern country of Europe: The American people considered Portugal (in 2014) as the the BEST EUROPEAN DESTINATION (https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-european-country/)

And there are so many reasons that explain this success. We are talking about a country that has amazing weather, incredible beaches, excellent food and wine, friendly people and astonishing landscapes and nature. One additional but not less important factor is the safety environment that you can find in every city or village.

Considering the fact that Portugal has one of the lowest cost of living standards in Europe, it is increasingly chosen as one of the best countries to live and even to enjoy the retirement. 

Another interesting number, is the growing demand for the Portuguese language by the Americans. Since 2010, Portuguese is the 3rd language with the highest demand in USA. Everyone wants to learn it! This reflects the importance of the Portuguese language as one of the most important and spoken languages in the world!

What are you waiting for? Invest your time and money on the learning of this challenging and amazing language. Portuguese Connection is the best choice if you want to achieve a high fluency in Portuguese.

Convinced? Not yet? Hum... Do you need more reasons than the ones described above? Watch this video that will tell you why you should learn Portuguese.