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Last week we posted 2 wonderful news about Portuguese language and Lisbon city. The first (to see the news click here) says that Portuguese is the 3rd language with the biggest growth in USA between 2009 and 2014 (10,1%). This fact show us that our language continues to be pursued not only by the Amercians but also by millions of people from other countries. The importance of a language spoken by more than 250 millions people worldwide is inevitable for the professional scope.

The other news (see here) reports one more award for the capital of Portugal: Lisbon. Lisbon was voted second best European destination (after Bordeaux) by the online travel site "European Best Destinations". Lisbon in the past 10 years has gained international visibility and one of the consequences of that is the amazing tourism growth in the last 5 years.

Both numbers leave an unvoidable reality: Learn Portuguese in Lisbon is the best option if you want to speak Portuguese and spend a great time is one of the best recognized cities in Europe!

At Portuguese Connection you can live the amazing experience of talk, drink, eat and feel like a native Portuguese!

We leave you a video where you can see Lisbon from the air while listening an epic Fado song: