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How to order coffee in Portugal?

Dear readers, how was your New Year’s Eve? Did you start on the right foot? Hope so!

Today, we bring you an interesting topic: COFFEE, PORTUGUESE COFFEE!

As a Portuguese, I have to love coffee! Coffee in the morning for breakfast, coffee during the break, coffee after lunch, coffee to stay awake at work J, coffee with milk, coffee with chocolate, coffee with whipped cream, and many more other ways to drink it!

For Portuguese, coffee is not just about an excuse to take a break at work, it’s culture, tradition, a life style! And when you sit in a café, you will definitely feel it! And it doesn´t matter if you are in the north or south of Portugal, right? Coffee is just coffee and ordering it is pretty easy! Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! What I find it interesting is the different ways of ordering a coffee! If you are in Lisbon is one thing, and of you are in Porto it is totally different! Please check this article, you will learn a lot! https://www.oguiadeportugal.com/2012/02/como-pedir-cafe-em-portugal-uma.html

And remember, to learn a language, to learn Portuguese, it’s not just about grammar books, go out, try to speak, to ask, to talk, and also to try to understand the locals. And if you are in Lisbon, you will find dozens of cafés in each street. Just dare to get in!