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Beer in portuguese - How to order a beer in Portugal


Learn to say beer in portuguese

After water and tea, the third most popular drink overall is beer. In Portugal, there are many different ways to order a beer...let's say that for the choice of the most appropriate term, beer size matters.

When ordering a beer, you cannot simply ask for a "cerveja"!

Beer names not only vary from size to size but also from place to place. In Lisbon, for example, most people order an "imperial" (a 20cl beer served in a conical or cylindrical glass) but no one will serve you a fresh 20cl beer in Porto if you don't call it "fino". And what about draft beer served in 15cl small glasses? Well, that's a "lambreta"!

If you are very thirsty, you got two options: order a "caneca" (50 cl) or a "girafa" (1l). Ok, you have to be dehydrated to order the last one. 

And what if you want to drink the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in a bottle? Well, that's a "cerveja". The most popular in Portugal are "Sagres" and "Super Bock" so you can just say "Uma Sagres/Super Bock, se faz favor!". If you want a very small one, just go for a "mini" (25 cl blottle). This tiny little bottle is sold everywhere!

Need a nice and informal name for a beer? Ask your friends if they want to join for a "bejeca" or a "jola" ("Vai uma jola?"). "Jola" comes from "cervejola", one of the diminutives of "cerveja" (also "cervejinha").

Want to go beyond and mix beer with something else? Well, you have two options: Portuguese people really enjoy the french mix bewtween beer and Sprite/7up...the name for it is "panaché" (from French). They also like to add some currant (groselha) and create a fruity beer called "tango".

Now you know exactly how to order a beer in portuguese! Nothing left to say but "Saúde"!