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How to wish a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year in Portuguese


Do you like our Christmas card this year? We had so much fun taking the pictures, what a crazy staff :)

As you all, we also want to share our Christmas love and cheer with our loved ones, near and far!

If you did not have the chance to come to our school in December for one of our Intensive Courses you still have the chance to learn something that might be very useful during the holiday season, especially if you want to impress someone with your language skills!

This year,  don't send the exact same message you sent last year! Be original and write your card in Portuguese!

Everyone will love these Christmas and New Year greetings and messages!


1- Votos de festas felizes!

2- Feliz Ano novo - boas saídas e melhores entradas!

3- Um feliz Natal, repleto de amor, amizade e alegria!

4- Boas festas com muita paz, amor e alegria, são os votos de [o teu nome]

5- Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano Novo

6- Um novo ano com muita saúde, amor e alegria!

7- Um bom Natal e um feliz Ano 2018!

8- Um feliz Natal e um ano com muita prosperidade!

9- Que todos os desejos se concretizem para ti e para a tua família!

10- Um sapatinho cheio de prendas [ou saúde, amor, etc.]



In January, we start again our courses! If you want to kick off 2018 by learning a new language, we have an Absolute beginners group (Intensive Classes) starting on January 8th!