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Because Christmas is all around us, today’s post is about music.

Because Christmas is all around us, today’s post is about music. Not necessarily Christmas songs, it is actually a really fascinating tour around the Portuguese Music Museum in Lisbon (Museu da Música Portuguesa).

Did you know that the word “music” comes from “muse”? And that “museum” comes also from the word “muse”? Muses are a truly inspiration, aren’t they?

In this 14 minute ‘movie’ you will learn a lot. Not only the names of some music instruments, but also the reason of those specific names and a comparison to Brazilian Portuguese (the words can, of course, vary). And that’s not all! Do you know the meaning of the expression “meter a viola no saco” (to put the guitar in the sack)? Hmmm… intriguing…! Portuguese language is indeed very rich thanks to a bunch of idiomatic expressions and slang words.

So, don’t be mistaken if you think this post is only for musicians or History lovers. In fact, if you like the Portuguese Language you will be amazed to know where the words come from, their origin, and history, because all words have a mysterious story to tell us. Besides, the museum is a hidden treasure. Enjoy!

Enough reasons to feel tempted to click https://www.rtp.pt/play/p1051/e111949/cuidado-com-a-lingua-viii and watch it!


And because it is Christmas, here is a video with a Portuguese rhapsody sung by a group of children.  

Dear all, we wish you……….. FELIZ NATAL!