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Official Portuguese as a Foreign Language Test - Part I

There are many reasons to study a language. Some people do it for business purposes, others simply for leisure. In both cases it’s a challenging opportunity to enrich our personal language skills. Nowadays, the number of tourists, students and investors in Portugal and in Portuguese speaking-countries is definitely increasing, making Portuguese a very important language worldwide.
For many people, learning Portuguese is a great extra-point in their curriculum, allowing them to get a better job. For that reason, Portuguese Connection Language School not only teaches Portuguese but also prepares you for the Official Portuguese as a Foreign Language Test. When you arrive to our school, you have to do a diagnostic test and according to your level, the school and the teachers will adopt the best teaching method to prepare you for the exam. The success is guaranteed. That’s the best way to get a valid Portuguese language certificate.

CAPLE (Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira or Centre for Evaluation of Portuguese as a Foreign Language) is a certificate of proficiency in European Portuguese as a Second language developed by Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon. The CAPLE exam is offered in Portugal and 45 other countries. CAPLE exams take place in May, July, and November in all testing centres, in addition to February, March, August, September, and October in Lisbon only. CAPLE exams are offered at 5 levels:


  1. CIPLE – Certificado inicial de português língua estrangeira (Level A2)
  2. DEPLE – Diploma elementar de português língua estrangeira (Level B1)
  3. DIPLE – Diploma intermédio de português língua estrangeira (Level B2)
  4. DAPLE – Diploma avançado de português língua estrangeira (Level C1)
  5. DUPLE – Diploma universitário de português língua estrangeira (Level C2)

Next time, we will give you some tips about the most important Portuguese contents to get the CIPLE certificate (Level A2), but if you like, you can download our free CAPLE Guide.