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Portugal. The best place to learn Portuguese!

Is there a better place to learn a language than the country where it is spoken and recognized as the native language?.

In Portuguese Connection we believe that the best way to learn Portuguese is to be constantly surrounded by the language. How? Where? In school, at home, in the street, going out at night, reading the local newspapers, watching TV in Portuguese and talking to local people, understanding their culture and way of life.

We can define Portugal as a small country in land but big in small other things that turn its richness unlimited. The people, the food, the sun, the sea, the landscape, the wine, the streets, the buildings, the monuments, the music, the rivers, the islands, the peacefulness, and the culture, are key elements that make the oldest country in Europe one of the best destinations according to the opinion of the main international travel magazines and tourism awards.

Our Portuguese Language School is located in the amazing Lisbon, but Portugal is a world of surprises and incredible places from north to south. Porto is a lovely and romantic city, and you can go to Douro wine region and enjoy the beautiful Douro River landscape while drinking a glass of wine at every estate. You can also go to other amazing cities in the north of Portugal (Braga, Viana do Castelo, Guimarães). Then you can visit the mountain of "Serra da Estrela" if you want to go skiing, or you can go to "Serra do Gerês" with landscapes and waterfalls that will take your breath away. In the south you have Alentejo region, with great wine estates and food, and finally Algarve, the biggest touristic place in the summer, because of its seacoast and beaches.

But above all, learning Portuguese in Portugal is the best way to learn and study the 6th most spoken language in the world because of the way you are welcomed by the Portuguese people. It is undoubtedly the friendliest nation of Europe, and this fact is very important to speed up your language skills by talking with nice people every day. The Portuguese never refuses to answer, and he’s always with a smile on his face when is approached by a strange. And that’s why learning Portuguese in Portugal is culturally and personally enriching, with the best language level achievements.

Do you want to see with your own eyes? Learn Portuguese in Portugal with Portuguese Connection and live some of these experiences: