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Terms and Conditions


  • 1. You must be 16 years of age or over.
  • 2. School opens at 9h am and closes at 20h. Lunch Break: 13h - 14h.
  • 3. Each lesson consists of 50 minutes, except for the Extensive, Erasmus, Individual, Online and At Your Place courses (60 minutes).
  • 4. All students, except for absolute beginners, should take a placement test in order to be placed in the correct level.
  • 5. Handouts are provided by PC during the entire length of the course.


  • 1. If you enroll in a course at the school, payment must be done immediately.
  • 2. If you enroll in a course on the Internet, we will confirm your registration within 48 hours and send you payment instructions by email.
  • 3. Students who DO require VISA:
    • a. An administrative fee of 150 EUR per invitational letter issued by PC, when applicable (for Visa purposes).
    • b. Registration fee (30€), administrative fee plus 15% of the total program are required to be paid upon the confirmation of the enrolment by the school.
    • c. The rest of the amount must be paid up to 4 weeks prior to the start date of the course.
    • d. In case the Visa is dismissed by the Embassy, Portuguese Connection keeps the administrative fee and reimburses the remaining amount already paid.
  • 4. Students who DO NOT require VISA:
    • The total amount must be paid in full upon the confirmation of the enrolment by the school.
  • 5. Bank fees must be paid by the student.
  • 6. NB: In case we are not able to confirm your registration or, for any reason, we need to cancel it, you will be refunded immediately.
  • 7. The registration fee is included in total price and is valid for 1 year, which means that if you attend more than one course within the same year, you will only have to pay it once.
  • 8. Airport Pickup available. The payment of 30€ is requested (one or more students).


Students can change their timetable or course type upon request and subject to school’s availability. This is not possible within the two weeks before the beginning of the course.


  • a. If you cancel no later than 3 weeks before the course begins, we retain only the registration fee and the administrative fee.
  • b. if you cancel less than 3 weeks before the course begins, we reimburse you 75% of the course costs.
  • c. No refund is allowed if the cancellation happens one week before the start of the course, or after the start of the course, due to non-arrival of students. However, in this case, if you still want to take the course, you can do it within a year.
  • d. Cancellations after the start of the course:
    At Your Place/Online/Private Group/Individual classes:Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full and your cancellation will count as an used lesson. Exceptional circumstances and illness will be taken into consideration. The student has to cancel the class with 24 hours in advance, by sending an e-mail to info@portugueseconnection.pt. The student can cancel up to 20% of the acquired classes. After reaching this number, the cancelled classes are not replaced.


2016 2017
Friday 01, January Tuesday 28, February
Friday 25, March Friday 14 - Tuesday 25, April
Sunday 27, March Monday 01, May
Monday 25, April Tuesday 13, June
Sunday 01/Thurdsay 26, May Tuesday 15, August
Friday 10, June Thursday 5, October
Monday 13, June Wednesday 01, November
Monday 15, August Friday 01, December
Wednesday 5, October Friday 08, December
Tuesday 1, November Monday-Friday 25-29, December
Thursday 01/Thursday 08, December
Monday-Friday 26-30, December

Specific Terms of the Extensive Courses


The payment has to be done in full before the second day of classes otherwise an additional fee of 10% will be charged.


Students can move to another class/course upon request and subject to the school’s availability.


No refund is allowed if the cancellation happens after the second day of classes.

The school can cancel the classes when it is strictly necessary (due to internal affairs), which means that the expecting ending date of the classes can be changed. The school will deny a refund request in case the student cannot attend some classes due to the postponement of the ending of the course by the school.