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Learn Portuguese in Lisbon and enjoy our beautiful city

Lisbon is a unique city where the Portuguese culture and traditions still live in our streets. This city has to be lived to be believed. No second hand account will suffice. The harmony of its shining light, the beautiful views admired while enjoying a glass of wine from a terrace bar on any of its seven hills, its traditional cafés around the famous squares, its food, the river and sea, and finally its people.

Don't understand Lisbon, experience it. Go to the old traditional neighborhoods; talk with the natives to the sound of fado coming from a bar or surrounding building. You should definitely eat the tasty delicacies that the city has to offer. Visit also the local markets and fishmongers to take in their sights, sounds and smells during the early morning bustle before wandering through the historic centre. Or just go to the beach - another great option on offer.

Lisbon needs to be experienced. Don't just put it off. This is one place you must tick off your bucket list. We promise you will forever remember fondly and deeply your time spent in one of the last hidden wonders of Europe.

Is there a better scenario to learn Portuguese?

Learning Portuguese in our school is enriching, because our teaching method combines the classroom classes with cultural activities in order to gain a deeper understanding of the language through continuous contact with various aspects of the Portuguese society. We think that the most enjoyable way to learn Portuguese is living together and interacting with Portuguese people and exploring the fantastic things the city has to offer. Our main goal is providing a rapid and comprehensive learning process for our students, while striving to offer a fabulous and remarkable stay in Lisbon!!! Come and learn Portuguese with us, and experience something truly memorable!!!