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Bildungsurlaub - German Certification

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Portuguese Connection is an officially recognized language school whose language courses and teaching method meet the highest standards of Educational and Training Associations. Our main goal is the achievement of the best learning results and all our students receive a diploma after completing the language course. The high quality teaching recognition and top learning results have been checked, confirmed and recognized by Germany’s Ministries for Bildungsurlaub.

And guess what? Portuguese Connection has received Bildungsurlaub certification from the Ministries of all German regions, which enables any German employee to come to study Portuguese in our school under this German program.

What are you waiting for? If you are a German employee you can take 5 extra days per year of educational leave (paid) from your company for professional training purposes, and Portuguese learning is no exception. Pack your stuff, take 5 days off under the program Bildungsurlaub, and immerse yourself into the Portuguese language and culture at Portuguese Connection School. We promise you that you will benefit from adding the 5th most spoken language in the world to your professional portfolio, a very important asset for the future of your professional career.

We also use specific test preparation workbooks and additional material to get sure you will be ready for the big day! Finally, we can help you enrolling in this very important Portuguese language exam!

We will help you choosing the best language course that meets the requirements of Bildungsurlaub. We have a huge experience in teaching German students under this program, so take advantage of Bildungsurlaub and come to Portuguese Connection to learn our beautiful language!