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Welcome to Lisbon

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Welcome to LISBON, the perfect place to visit, eat, drink, and of course, to LEARN PORTUGUESE. Everyone loves Lisbon! Why? For its delicious food (you must try the seafood), excellent wines from different regions of Portugal, sunny and warm weather, amazing beaches to have a swim, surfing, or just to enjoy a lovely walk along the coast. Not to mention the warm, kind and helpful Portuguese people who will receive you with open arms and a big smile. And for those who love visiting monuments and museums, book some long hours and prepare your camera because you will be very busy! For more details, click on Cultural Activities.

Lisboa, velha cidade,
Cheia de encanto e beleza!
Sempre a sorrir tão formosa,
E no vestir sempre airosa.
O branco véu da saudade
Cobre o teu rosto, linda princesa!

Some lines of the song Lisboa Antiga
Songwriters: José Galhardo e Amadeu do Vale
Music composed by Raúl Portela